Kiki Klimt

"The basis of my painting is Leonardo's painting method – sfumato, which in Italian means ‘smoke’ or ‘veil’."

Archangel Michael, 2019 format: 69 cm x 57 cm 128 layers of thin color, acrylic on walnut wood Video:

Kiki Klimt is a researcher of life. She moves mostly within art, but she often goes someplace else. She has always been interested in many things and looked for answers everywhere - from mythology, ancient spiritual writings, modern physics and chemistry to cosmology, mathematics, history and philosophy. Kiki has read more than 20,000 books. For the same reason, she has read countless works of art. Her love is old knowledge. She has found most of her answers in ancient knowledge and artifacts. Besides that, Kiki is an expert associate of the National Agency of the Republic of Slovenia for Quality in Higher Education (SQAA), namely in the field of art schools. She is lecturing in Slovenia but also been a guest professor at universities in Istanbul, Sofia and Lisbon. She has been a guest of many symposiums and conferences.

Kiki Klimt creates in a variety of media: conceptual art, performance, installations, photography, illustrations, painting and design. She has published 12 author's picture books, illustrated more, had many solo exhibitions and participated in numerous group exhibitions. She also creates motorcycle paintings under the name IZANAGI and writes articles. Lately, she has been focusing on three projects; developing “Painting with light”, creating the Arkanum series of seven graphic short stories about Love, and writing a book about sacred geometry. Above all, she is trying to understand what life is, what art is and what this is all about. Art and transcendence are just two different sides of the same coin. Creating is but a meditation technique if we know how to perform it correctly. Humans are both physical and spiritual beings. If we are what we are by nature, then meditation is the only possible natural state. In ancient times, the purpose of art was to help people experience themselves in their reality. To help them relive and understand, for at least one brief moment, the state of perfection, so they can know what they are looking for.

Trilogy Great White Roses - The secret of 369, 2019 format: three paintings 66 cm x 198 cm 66, 99 and 198 layers of thin color, acrylic, gold leaf and silver dust on wooden panels Video:
Great White Rose 1, 2019 format: 111 cm x 111 cm 99 layers of thin color of acrylic on wooden panel
Great White Rose 3, 2019 format: 111 cm x 111 cm 72 layers of thin color, acrylic and silver dust on wooden panel Video:
Great White Rose 2, 2019 format: 111 cm x 111 cm 72 layers of thin color, acrylic on wooden panel Video:

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