Klaus Biliczky

Klaus Biliczky prefers an experimental approach and does not limit himself to a certain genre, technique or material. His series of works reflect beauty and decay or refer to our environmental, political and social changes and personal experiences.

The Wedge in Between - Acrylic on canvas 80 x 100 x 4 cm

German artist, Klaus Biliczky was born in Dinkelsbühl, the most beautiful old town in Germany, according to Focus. Biliczky worked in an executive position in the packaging industry (graphic and packaging design, printing technology, product development, sales management) and independently in the real estate industry.
Active on the scene for many years, Biliczky is a self-taught freelance artist who has shown work in numerous exhibits and is a member of several art associations. In 2018 he was awarded with the Ansbach Art Prize – Special Prize Sculpture.

Texture and materiality as well as the haptics produced are his preferred means in working on his pictorial themes. Klaus Biliczky deliberately keeps the intuitive working process open. Nothing has to be fixed from the outset, so that new themes can also emerge in such an open painting process. Klaus Biliczky leaves the traces of the work process he has gone through partly consciously visible, as, for him, these ultimately symbolize the transience of things and the process of change to which everything on earth is subject. The permanent change becomes particularly clear in the emergence of something new out of decay. Biliczky's experimental approach is elementary and he does not limit himself to certain genres, techniques or materials. The surfaces of his works can be rich in structure or even completely smooth. Oxidations also exert a special fascination on Biliczky, which is why he has dedicated himself for years to the 'rusting' of pictures on canvas in his own work cycle. For Biliczky, rust and patina symbolize the poetry of transience. Away from idealized aesthetics, rust and patina with their morbid charm as a pictorial means of expression find their very own beauty in his works. Natural metamorphosis, colour and form, material and creative processes form a symbiosis. In his graphic and sculptural works, Biliczky prefers a formative conceptual approach in which he refers to social and political problems as well as so social changes.


Visit the artist's website to see more work https://www.biliczky.de/

Fiery Energy III - Acrylic on canvas 80 x 100 x 4 cm
Sunset in the Alps - Acrylic on canvas 80 x 100 x 4 cm
Marble Canyon - Acrylic on canvas 80 x 100 x 4 cm
Marbled - Acrylic on canvas 80 x 100 x 4 cm

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