Mary E. Morgan

"My artwork is an expression from my soul, influenced by the enmeshment of inner and outer world experiences: nature, people, places and events along life's journey. It is a developmental process that involves both conscious and subconscious thoughts."

What A Wonderful Day - Oil over acrylic on canvas 36 x 36 in.

"My influence as an abstract expressionist artist is continually impacted by my life's journey. Teaching art as a part of that journey was significant as I researched many artists in order to be prepared to teach. This research simultaneously affected my own stylistic decisions as I finalized my graduate level education.

My artwork continues to evolve through the lens of my emotional and intellectual response to life's experiences. The product is a reflection of the enmeshment of inner world experiences, the soul that holds all the intangible spiritual values and outer world influence, a broad spectrum; meaning, nature, people, and literature. 

What I do in my studio is a daily process I call a “vital creative activity.”  It stems from what Kandinsky said is an “inner necessity”.  My work is 2-D on canvas or paper.  Sometimes I use mixed media to communicate a particular theme. I use acrylic and oil, and often I combine these materials. Because I am inspired by the colors of nature, my work is colorful. I would like to quote Helen Frankenthaler who said “it is a combined conscious and subconscious effort “ and I agree that often it can be spontaneous.

Come To The Light - Oil over acrylic on canvas 40 x 30 in.
Birds of The Air And Fish of The Sea - Acrylic and oil on canvas 50 x 50 in.
Lovers Delight - Oil over acrylic on canvas 40 x 30 in.
I Spy - Oil on canvas 50 x 50 in.

   I would like the viewer to engage in my art and take away from whatever they feel it communicates to them.

After teaching for over 30 years I have learned that knowledge impedes progress and progress comes through hard work and consistency. It is always exciting to see what the next painting will be. Therefore, I am always expecting the unexpected to unfold in my work; I embrace the future for its mysterious unknown path that keeps me focused and challenges my creative options."

Other Side Of The Mountain - Acrylic and Oil on canvas 40 x 30 in. - $2,600
Synergy 2 - Acrylic, oil pen on canvas 30 x 24 in. - $1,000
Sunrise Springs - Oil on canvas 55 x 65 in. - $4,000
It Is Finished - Oil on canvas 60 x 40 in. - $3,000
Joy In The Morning 2 - Mixed, acrylic, oil, collage paper on paper, 36 x 29 in. - $1,000

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