May Sum

"I am a multimedia artist, my main disciplines are painting, calligraphy and sculpture. I make art to show my soul, and my art is a connection to people and the universe. Just like my 3D Chinese calligraphy, all mediums seem different but all are connected and all are full of potential.”

just listen - Digital media 30 x 30 cm

In this selection of works, Hong Kong artist, Maysum presents three types of disciplines to present a story. With her paintings she hopes to bring out a peaceful atmosphere and allow the viewers to contemplate their life; to listen to their inner voice. Through her sculpture she hopes people will search for their inner child ("little big kid") and true self-value ("inside out".)

Finally, with her three-dimensional Chinese calligraphy, she explores the concepts of "universe" and "connection", attempting to create a connection between life and creation, as well as art and the creator. For Maysum, although these may seem as separate ideas, they are all connected.

Maysum is a renowned multi-media artist and the first lipstick sculptor in Asia. Her lipstick sculptures have been exhibited since 2012 and are still on tour in Asia. In 2014, Maysum was awarded by HudsconMOD Mag in a Top 100. In 2017 she began showing work in Europe.

connection - Clay, ink and acrylic 21 x 31 cm
inside out - Clay and wood 13 x 13 x 10 cm
universe - Clay, ink and acrylic 21 x 31 cm
little big kid - Clay 8 x 12 x 6 cm

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