Miya Ozaki

"I am fascinated by abstract expressionism. My feelings, sensations, intuition, and impulses become works that can be visualized by layering forms and textures with media such as Sumi (Japanese black ink) and water. The work aims to be a metamorphosis that assimilates with the breath of nature.”

Blue Love - Poncho 2O - The Road, Mixed, 90x144cm, $1,000

Miya Ozaki, born in Japan, is a renowned artist specializing in installation and mixed media art. With a strong passion for creativity, she has been recognized and celebrated for her exceptional talent. In 2022, she received the prestigious First Prize Installation Award at The Art for Peace organized by ICM GESTORA CULTURAL, SL. in Spain. Her remarkable contributions continued to be acknowledged internationally, as she participated in exhibitions such as "AQUA and ECOLOGY AS A FEELING," curated by Rossocinabro in Italy, and the XXXVIII PREMIO FIRENZE-SEZIONE ARTI VISIVE at Palazzo del Pegaso in Florence, Italy. In 2021, her work was showcased at the "Sense of this Combination - G6 in Seoul" exhibition held at 이음 갤러리 (ieum Gallery) in Korea. In 2020, she contributed to the exhibition "Tales of the end of summer," curated by Simultanea Spazi d'Arte in Italy, and also participated in the 6A BIENNALE DI VITERBO ARTE CONTEMPORANEA in Italy. Miya Ozaki's artistic endeavors have captivated audiences around the world, and her profound creativity continues to inspire and engage viewers with its thought-provoking nature.

Blue Love-Poncho 2P (front) - Stars, Mixed, 90x144cm, $1,000
Blue Love-Poncho 2Q&2R - Farewell, Mixed, 90x144cm,$1,000 each
Blue Love - Poncho 2P back) - The Moon, Mixed,90x144cm, $1,000
Blue Love-Poncho 2Q - Dance, Mixed, 90x144cm, $1,000

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