Robert Felderman

Born in: 1955 Dubuque, Iowa, United States

Lives in: Dubuque, Iowa, United States

Media: Photography, Digital Photography, Digital Media

Describe your work in 3 words: Life, Memories, Reality

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House Fire Dubuque Airport Key West Volunteers - Photograph, 18 x 36 in.

"The photographer makes pictures of places and people while traveling the worlds back roads to views not noticed in today's hectic and fast-paced world, thus making memories remain alive for others."

What themes does your work involve?

The artist travels to many of the world's continents, often along the back-roads and river roads, capturing sights and scenes not perceived in today's frenzied and fast-paced world. He competes in local, national, and international fine art competitions to better his skills through critique. He emphasizes aerial, commercial, entertainment, and human interaction creations.

Describe your creative process.

Sometimes my creations just pop up while on the back roads of the globe, which is why I always have a camera over my shoulder or in my hands. I let the location and the human interactions motivate me while on the ground, but often my camera is the one located in my drones seeing views from a birds eye. Until lately I have been a natural photographer with limited adjustments to the raw photographs, but am now in the throes of taking more chances with images using my editing skills.

What influences your work? What inspires you?

I started out just taking pictures for myself and memories, but it slowly developed into making art to share my "eye" view with the public. Many times now, my motivation is the desires of clients seeking commercial photographs for their business, or a family wanting aerial videos and photos of the century owned family farm, or a grand riverboat on the Mississippi River, or a tiny sailboat on the Nile River...all to share my viewed memories with others.

What is good art? What makes a piece of art great?

I am growing to understand good art is something that communicates a challenge to the viewer, a challenge or memory which makes them spend money to own. A piece of art is great if it makes the viewer want to own it for themselves, but share it as one of their memories with others.

What is the role of the artist today?
The artist's role is to communicate an idea or philosophy, or beauty presented for pleasure and memories of the viewer. The art presented may be solely from the artist or presented to meet the desires sought by the viewer.

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