Roxana Werner

"My work arises from the connection of a thought, an emotion, an object and experiences. This is how my motivation for each painting is born. It is about that first moment that drives you to the creative process."

Por bagan - Birmania - Mixed media 0.76 x 1.02 m

“Throughout the past thirty years, I have participated in collective and individual shows in both Chile and abroad. An especially meaningful one was "El Porqué de Valparaíso" held at UNESCO in Paris, France and the Florence Biennale 2019. Experiencing in situ the geographical and ethnographic spaces is vital to connect emotionally and intellectually with the painting. I am always vigilant, watching and learning from human behaviour, interrelationships, humans’ habitat and all that it implies regarding religion, politics, geographical areas, culture, history and more. These aspects form the backbone of my painting.  My work consists of four major projects developed throughout my career:” “The reason of Valparaíso”, "Traces of time", "From Salpeter to Iquique" and “Experiences beyond and close the Frontier”.”

Varanasi - Oil on canvas 0.35 x 0.35 m
Sarnath devoción III - Mixed media 0.79 x 0.59 m
Devoción - Oil on canvas 0.60 x 0.9 m
Sin título - Oil on paper 0.59 x 0.49 m

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