Shu Yu

Double Trouble - Digital media 124 x 160 cm

2017, Awarded in the 2017 American Art Awards, juried by America’s 25 Best Galleries & Museums (category 47, digital art – representational).

2018, Won the 1st place in the 28th latest Artavita Online Contest in the category of Digital Art.

2018, Became a 4X winner in the 2018 American Art Awards. Won the 1st place in both “Orientalism or Asian” subject and “digital art – representational” subject; Won the 4th place in futurism; Won the 6th place in surrealism.

2019,Won the contest Finalist Award exhibited in San Diego of  Unite state.

2019,Artworks were published on spotlight contemporary art magazine in 2019.

2019Was selected as one of the artist in the information of Contest Finalists, exhibition at spectrum Miami. 

2019,  Was invited to participate in the 12 th Florence Biennale, Italy in 2019.

2019 Was selected in the ArtGemini Prize, London& Singapore (London  Global Art Prize).

2019 ,Was invited to participate in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations Culture and Art Exhibition.

2019 ,In 2019 American Art Awards, won 8 prize and 1 masterpieces prize by the committee.

2019 , won the 1st prize in the Circle Quarterly art magazine art awards, artworks were published on the circle foundation art magazine for free.

2020 Was selected in the SCA2020  (Society of Canadian) International Open Juried Online Exhibition

Look at Here - Digital media 180 x 166 cm
Temptation of Summer - Digital media 120 x 92 cm
We Are Used To Giving Meaning To Things - Digital media 67 x 36 cm
Ah Ah Ah - Digital media 160 x 151 cm

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