Zdenka Palkovic

"To paint is to abandon the tumult of one’s intrusive thoughts, to connect with one’s inner self in a parallel world where the brush becomes the magic tool which reveals the unsuspected beauties of being."

Alone Facing Destruction - Stained glass paint on canvas 70 x 140 cm

Self-taught painter, Zdenka Palkovic, continues a tradition that began three generations ago in her family. As a teenager, she attended the School of Fine Arts in Bratislava, Slovakia. However, it took years before the desire to paint regained her.  Zdenka took classes with various Swiss and French artists and her urge to search for new techniques and expressions literally conquered her.

Since 2008, she expresses herself fully in painting, with her works having evolved considerably. She began with portraits, then - seduce by nature and the contemplation of its wonders during travels around the world - she painted landscapes. Finally, finding a certain exaltation in abstract painting.  Zdenka's techniques also developed. Pencil gave way to acrylic, Chinese ink, oil and finally stained glass paints, which has become a very revealing technique for her.

In her artistic quest, Zdenka has often wondered how to paint life, how to express this volcano that inhabits her, how to arouse in others the same feelings that animate her as an artist. In discovering stained glass painting, she instinctively felt it reflected her own vibrations.

This paint is like life, unpredictable, surprising, indomitable - a rebellious painting. Accurate results cannot be expected. It is the paint which guides her, helps her to express the depth of her soul. Her universe is between pure abstraction and mineral reality, between the dream and the matter, bringing together the two poles of existence.

Naissance d'un Univers - Stained glass paint on canvas 120 x 60 cm
Sakura - Stained glass paint on canvas 70 x 140 cm
Papillon - Stained glass paint on canvas 120 x 60 cm
Frosty Morning - Stained glass paint on canvas 70 x 140 cm

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