Tatyana Palchuk

"Deep and complete knowledge of my profession are proven by long years during which I was learning and improving myself as a professional. My creative work is first of all characterized by many exhibitions, publications and positive feedback from students, colleagues and art critics."

Series Rainbow Violet, 2019 - Oil on linen 65 x 75 cm

Latvian painter, Tatyana Palchuk was born and has been living all her life in Riga in a small area between the Art Academy and Elizabeth Street. Already during kindergarten, teachers predicted the little drawer had an artist's destiny. Although nobody was connected to arts in her family, Tatyana was constantly drawing in the sand with a stick.

Tatyana lost her relatives in Stalin's repressions and her father at an early age and has been growing independently as other kids from the 50s - 60s. She was the eternal engine and captain of the yard kids. Tatyana enrolled in Rozental's Art School by herself, not even telling her mother. The artist tells that becoming an artist was not as easy for her and she had drawn on to the level of the more talented school and academy members, in her opinion, only by thorough and accurate work. 

Her teachers are indisputable stars of Latvian and Europeean Art; Imants Vecozols, Pēteris Postažs, Boriss Bērziņš, Edgars Iltners and academic Ed. Kalniņš. She has been among the few who have done the postgraduate course or workshop with the academic Eduards Kalniņš. Tatyana is proud to have had the honour and uncommon confidence to visit and grow artistically at the academic's home, studio and also have him at her small studio of only 12m2 in Elizabeth Street apartment.

Light, 1996 - Oil on linen 120 x 170 cm
Portrait of a Man, 2019 - Oil on linen 72 x 58 cm
Two Captains, 2020 - Oil on linen 55 x 65 cm
Anthem of Joy (Allusions to Beethoven’s music), 2019 - Oil on linen 95 x 120 cm

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