Tejbir Singh

"My profession is quite evident in my work, not just in the choice of subjects (which do tend to veer towards the built environment) but also in the mediums I use (markers, linework) and also in the treatment of the subjects (detailing/perspective). However, nature and everything around inspires me."

Rest @ Piccadilly. Markers - Sketchpens and watercolor 44 x 58 cm

An architect by profession, Tejbir Singh has always been fond of doodling, sketching and painting. In school, his teachers encouraged and introduced him to oils at a very young age. His tryst with watercolors started when he joined University to study Architecture. He also keeps dabbling with pastels, charcoal and pen and ink.

The body of works that echo his inspiration rightly and prominently are “Urban Landscapes”. These landscapes are inspired by his travels. He occasionally dabbles in Abstracts, Landscapes & Portraits too. He uses mixed media with prominent use of markers and sketch pens which help him in detailing the elements along with soft pastels, watercolors and oils. However, oils were and will remain his first love.

Tejbir currently lives and works in Bahrain. Over the years he has participated in group shows, art fairs and held solo exhibitions in Bahrain and India. He has been chosen as “Best Artist-Middle East (Mixed Media)” by Destig Magazine, 2018. Some of his works are also on display at the Bahrain National Museum gift shop. One of his paintings “Rest @ Piccadilly" was chosen as one of the ten finalists in ART BOX art exhibition in New York in March this year. He has also participated in Art fairs in New York and Miami and also been featured in various art magazines and journals like Circle Arts, Aesthetica & Bahrain Arts magazine.

His recent exhibition at Nehru Centre London (27th – 31st August 2019), titled – “From an Architect’s Travelogue”, featured urban landscapes from his travels all over the world, and especially London and Europe. These works mirror his inspiration as well as his fascination with architectural heritage and the urban fabric of cities. The same theme was carried over to the latest exhibition in Artifact Gallery with a slight shift in focus to the cityscapes (primarily of New York) and in particular aerial views. It’s basically a celebration of the built environment of the city dweller.

Trafalgar Gathering - Markers, sketchpens and watercolor 58 x 44 cm
A New York Classic, Markers - Soft pastels and pencil 56 x 70 cm
Brick Facade & Red Joinery - Watercolor 42 x 58 cm
Aerial Urban View.Markers - Soft pastels and pencil 70 x 56 cm

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