Teresa Martins

"With my abstract painting, I wish to create connections with the viewer, allow him or her to feel the pleasure and the joy of discovery in a sea of coloured spots, to be surprised by each line of contour, patch of color or transparency and in this way connecting emotionally with the work of art."

Christ - Stained glass on acrylic D. 80 cm

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2022 Exhibition Gallery Restaurant, Almada. Entitled "Bridges".

2016 Exhibition Braço Prata, Prado Coelho room, Lisbon. Entitled "Colors with flavors".

2016 Exhibition at the Arts Coffee in Santa Apolónia, Lisbon. Entitled "Happy Trails".

2016 Exhibition at the Maria Pimenta Restaurant at Gunpower Factory, Barcarena. Entitled "Symbiosis".

2015 IX VERA World Fine Art Festival, National Cordage, Lisbon. Entitled "Tributes".

2014 Stand in the VIII VERA World Fine Art Festival, at the National Cordage, Lisbon.

2011 Exhibition Municipal Library José Saramago in Feijó. Entitled "Ambientitudes".

2010 Exhibition Hotel Costa Caparica, Almada. Entitled "Colourful Tales".

2010 Exhibition at the Municipality of Armamar.

2010 Exhibition at Oliveira do Bairro Municipal Library. Entitled "Green Breathing".

2009 Exhibition Nazaré Cineteatro, Portugal. Entitled "Ambientitudes".

2006 Exhibition Quinta dos Lobos - Sintra. Entitled "Encounters and Overseas"


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2021 Exhibition at Nora's room. Castelo Branco.

2020 Exhibition at Lamego Castle. Lamego.

2019 XIIth Florence Biennale, at the Fortezza da Basso, Florence, Italy.

2019 Exhibition of Contemporary Art “Barcelona Art Contest”, at AAC Palace, Spain.

2019 4th International Contemporary Art Fair of Toulouse, France

2018 29th International Contemporary Art Fair of Padova, Italy.

2018 Exhibition “Cruzar el Támesis” at Gaudí Gallery, Madrid, Spain.

2018 Exhibition “Roma Art Contest”, Art Gallery, Rome, Italy.

2018 Gran Exposición de Arte en Londres, London, England.

2018 Exhibition “From Northern Europe” at Gaudí Gallery, Madrid, Spain.

2018 5th International Contemporary Art Fair of Cologne, Germany.

2018 4th International Contemporary Art Fair of Paris, France.

2017 2nd International Contemporary Art Fair of Brussels, Belgium.

2017 Exhibition "Encantando colores" - Club of the entrepreneurs - Tambre, Santiago de Compostela, Spain.

Piano - Stained glass on paper 65,5 x 48,5 cm
Ballet dancer 1 - Stained glass on paper 50 x 70 cm
Fishing - Stained glass on paper 58 x 42 cm
Elephant taking a shower - Stained glass on canvas 100 x 100 cm

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