That life as we know it is not that all it seems and we all have to accept it… our limits, our vulnerability. Learn to surrender to the process of life and life will reveal itself to us. As an artist, we are a reminder of that process in its visual form to keep us all grounded of who we are and what we are all the time.

Artists offer preservation of the current history and culture that is being created out of this global crisis. Art not only brings us together but it tells the story to future generations of the events, emotions, upheaval, and survival of this moment in time.

To keep on pointing to the really important things in life. To show truth, beauty and fairness. And if it is done right, to show different options or perspectives to situations happening in the world.

Artists are truly unique in their ability to distill culture into a single work. We are not necessary, but we are essential for the vitality of culture. It’s what separates us from other species. Our creations give new perspectives for our fellow citizens to understand the world. That is the purpose of art, in crisis or otherwise.

A visual artist can present an image that puts the finger on a nerve in the present. A picture can say more than a thousand words it is said.

I think there are two kinds of artists. One, is the artist who can really echo what is happening in the world or news and create art reflecting the situation, and the other kind is like myself, who decide to dig deeper into oneself. In both ways, artists can offer viewers the moment to stop, look, absorb, and reflect on where they are in time, their beliefs or values, and also who they are through the art.

I think that we artists can create good feelings with our art, like joy, togetherness, sense of purpose and much more. Through art we can spray positive emotions, remind of the true value in life, give strength and energy. I like to connect with people through my works, according to the quote from Baron Wilhelm von Humboldt, basically, it is always the connections with people that give life its value. Not only in a social crisis is this a particularly important value that can be created and lived through the power of art.

“Homo sum, humani nil a me alienum puto.”
“I am a human being, nothing human can be alien to me.”
As artists we can attempt to give recognition to our own fallacies, and short-sightedness, our own truths, and observations. If I share in this ‘human condition’ then all others share it as well. The responsibility falls to all creative artists, no matter their medium to express these realizations to whoever has eyes to see.

I am a social documentarian and I am not sure my work can be labeled as art. As a documentary photographer, however, I am hopeful my work will hold interest and significance for future generations. Unfortunately, there was very little recorded about the everyday lives of those who lived during the flu pandemic of 1918. I wanted to make sure that I made an effort to record the lives and stories of people during this historic year. This project has kept me very busy these past eight months.

Artists and art itself are extremely vulnerable in the face of such a big crisis, but the impact they bring may be unexpected