The world, and subsequently life on this planet is no longer the same. It is ever-changing, evolving into something that is hard to recognize. Its grip is imposing new invisible rules and imprisoning our free will and the evolution of human consciousness. The mystical dark clouds are all over the sky, but the desire to fly to the realms of light can’t be stopped, even if this is done in just an imaginary way.

Art means breathing truthfulness, wisdom, imagination, caring, a new world order – everything that is needed in social crises, and especially in overcoming them.

Artists often create and offer a mirror of society, reflecting our humanity. I think the purpose of art is to reveal all the facets and layers of the human condition in all its complexity. By getting a glimpse into this complexity, we can more easily experience understanding, empathy, as well as balance.

During this time, I would post previous paintings to keep a daily dialogue going with followers on social media. As people made comments or asked questions about the work, I could respond and sometimes it would lead to a commission. Art became very important to people as they picked up pens and brushes to create. My neighbor and I set up an art club on FaceTime once a week and I gradually pasted on tips and techniques as we chatted and about the past week, we still continue it today but he now comes over to my studio.

In times of crisis, art can offer comfort and reveal new perspectives for the future. Art can translate people’s emotions and show images in which people can disappear and forget the world around them for a moment.

I believe in the empowerment of self through shared love, joy and trust. To open people’s awareness of this tragedy and to embrace the reality of this devastation, through emotional imagery.

Artists can offer uplifting works and something positive during what is a difficult and stressful time for many. We can also offer a different way of thinking. My present body of work has to do with ‘Seeds of Change,’ and we will certainly all have to do that.

It can open up a new perspective and a discussion about what we are all going through and hopefully help us process the whole situation better.

I have always thought that part of the job of any artist is to educate and inform the public during specific chapters of human history. Artists can offer comfort, understanding and empathy during both good and bad times and, through unbiased, event-specific images, show that we are all in this together.

The duty of the artists – especially those working in the field of plastic arts like us, should prepare for the events in the upcoming normalization days by producing in their workshops. After all, we are people who work individually. Even though life has suffered major interruptions, the artist must continue his individual efforts and be prepared for the following days. The relationship between art and artist can be thought of as the relationship of two lovers, one can leave the other when the interest is lost. Therefore, I think this interaction should also be continuous.

In my opinion, the purpose of art during social crises should be to support the survival of humanity in a sense; to keep the morale of the society high and to aim to hold on to life.