Thank you for sending me the link to my page on your website. It looks absolutely great and in my opinion you have really improved the text that I did send you. I’m proud to be part of the Circle Art team.

I truly appreciate the hard work you put into maintaining the high standards of your platform. Many thanks,

Thank you very much for publishing my personal page on Circle Arts. Looks good. I am happy to be part of this international portal. Also thanks for the further informations! There are interesting options.
CFA’s art books are impressive, although I’ve only seen them online so far.

Have a good time 🌼

Best regards

Wow! I am beyond impressed!!!
Thank you sooooooo much!
It’s wonderfully done! 🙏🏻
If you know of any galleries that would be interested in representing me, please let me know.
Very best,

Wow This looks fantastic 👌🏻
I am very happy about the nice website you made for me. Thank you so much 🙌🏻

With warm greeting’s

This is so much more than I ever expected thank you so very much I received the the information you sent.

Thank you again for including my work. You did a very nice job of presenting it. I did order the printed version.
Keep up the good and most enjoyable work.

My best,

You did a wonderful job regarding my work and quote. I’m extremely happy with what you have done.
A most sincere thank you.

All the best,

The picture is great and the caption is wonderful, thank you so much for my inclusion in Spotlight 37 I am so grateful and honored to be among these amazing artists in this publication.


Thank you to all of you at Circle Foundation for the Arts for the wonderful exhibition at the ART EXPO! The support materials you sent were very impressive to showcase my work and that of other artists. I appreciate all you do to put together such a positive experience. I could not attend due to previous plans although I would have enjoyed being there and hopefully I can make it another time.