Good Afternoon!

I have to say, the magazine looks amazing! I am honored for my artwork to be published. Thank you so much! I have just put in an order for a physical copy. I will also post the info in my website and social media sites.
Again, thank you very much!

The personal page created for my artwork looks incredible. Thank you so much. It is definitely an honor to become
a member of such prestigious organization.
Thank you so much

Happy New Year! I would like to send you all a hearty congratulations and a giant thank you for your beautifully presented revue/magazine! Myrna’s preface was also moving.
I am honoured and deeply grateful to be a small part of your brilliant circle!

My pages look great!

I am SO looking forward to seeing the issue in total and am humbled to be a part of this group of truly talented artists. It never ceases to amaze and inspire when I see another slice of the talent that is out there working. Awesome stuff.

Thanks again!

Many thanks to your Circle publishing house for the beautiful, very good quality and designed magazine!

Thank you very much!

Best Regards!

Dear Myrina and the CFA team,

Thank you for your email and for this wonderful opportunity to be the featured artist on your website.

It gave me a lot of opportunities to exhibit my work in the galleries in Germany and various places in Italy. It was a very good experience. I am very thankful to you all for this dear.

Dear Myrina,

Thank you so much for everything. The magazine is spectacular; I love the artists that are named and the general image of the magazine is very nice.

Congratulations; I hope to be able to collaborate on other occasions with you.

Best regards

Dear Myrina,
I want to say a big thank you for all you do for artists. Today I shipped the piece to Italy and I can’t wait to see how it looks at the collector’s house. She said she will send me pictures. I am very happy to be a member artist and since I started with Circle arts I have so mny invitations and emails from galleries. Thank you guys (girls!) so much and I will send you the image for the magazine.

Dear Anna

Thanks for the graphic files and thank you very much for your recognition
for the cover picture. I am very pleased if I could contribute to the success of your magazine.

Many thanks also to the circle-arts team for the great, professional work.
I am very satisfied and happy with the result.

We want to say a huge “thank you” for featuring Tom’s work in your lovely magazine and online. Your support has been amazing. It has really helped him to become better known and attract more opportunities, which are now coming fast and furious! it’s an exciting time. Tom is currently exhibiting a total of 15 sculptures in 5 shows, and we are leaving tomorrow morning to deliver 8 more sculptures to the Amsterdam-Whitney gallery in the Chelsea district, NYC. We’ve had to turn down many opportunities to exhibit in the EU this year.