I want to say that I received my printed copies of Issue 27 of your 
Spotlight contemporary art magazine and they are gorgeous! 
I am so very proud to be included in this magazine. 

I wanted to let you know that I have received interest for my work as a direct result from
Your beautiful magazine!

Thank you for doing such a stellar job to promote art in the world:)

All The Best!

Dear CFA Team,

Thank you very much for the excellent publication of my interview on the CFA website! It’s really great! I am very happy about it and I think you are doing a fantastic job!

Warm regards and have a wonderful week,

Thank you so much, Myrina, for a beautiful representation of my work at the Spotlight. It is a pleasure working with you and an honor to be featured in the magazine. I am looking forward to participating in other projects.

Best regards,

What I learned this year is an independent imprimatur matters. At one show, a collector bought Shoals, which you selected for publication, after I showed them the book and told the story. Then, they decided to buy a second, larger piece as well. So my new strategy is compete in all of your contests and skip everything else.

I feel so honored to be chosen as part of this group of amazing artists. Thank you so much!!

Thank you for the beautiful page with my work in your gorgeous magazine.
I wish your publication a lot of success.

Thank so much for the inclusion to the Circle Quarterly Magazine. I am honored and humbled to be included with such a wonderful group of artists and such a beautiful presentation of their work.

Thank you so much,

I will just repeat what I have said before – that I find the quality of all you do at Circle arts really wonderful and I look forward to continued involvement and to following new projects and contests. For my part, I will share information about the Circle Arts Foundation. My very best for the future. Warm regards,

“I just received my copy of the latest Circle Quarterly magazine – it’s beautifully designed and printed, and the selected works are all of great interest. Can’t wait to see how Spotlight looks!”