I will just repeat what I have said before – that I find the quality of all you do at Circle arts really wonderful and I look forward to continued involvement and to following new projects and contests. For my part, I will share information about the Circle Arts Foundation. My very best for the future. Warm regards,

“I just received my copy of the latest Circle Quarterly magazine – it’s beautifully designed and printed, and the selected works are all of great interest. Can’t wait to see how Spotlight looks!”

today I recieved the printed edition of your catalogue. Amazing and so professional catalogue. I am proud and honoured that two of my artworks is a part in this superb edition.
Thank you and many hugs

Dear CFA Team,

I am very happy to be part of the 6th issue of Circle Quarterly Art Review Magazine. Gladely ordered several of them. Thank you very much for your high evaluation of my works. Wishing you all continued success and good health!

Best regards

Dear Team,

Thank you for publishing my artwork in your beautiful online magazine. Yours is a true and sincere support for emerging and unknown artists like me. Without people like you I would have no space to see my published artworks. Thanks again so much.

With Best Regards

Thank You very much for this, I am glad and honoured to be a part of Your vision. The page looks
amazing, thank You!

Thanks a lot, I’m very happy to be part of this selection. I think, you did a great job with that compilation at all! The art itself is divers and interesting but especially your arrangement of the artworks on a double page is really well done! I like also my own example page 63 with page 62. It seems to me that you have even contrasted in content here – and that with a common motif. Your selection therefore seems to “play” with my quote – even if this was perhaps not intended. Really well done! 

Many many thanks for this, I am honored to be a member of the Circle Foundation. I hope to work with you and your team for many years to come! 

Kind regards

Dear Myrina Tunberg Georgiou, CFA Director, and Circle Foundation:

Your Spotlight Magazine is very impressive!  I am honored to be one of the published artists in this latest issue, Issue 21, as a contemporary artist among the professional, global art community.  I look forward to receiving the copies I ordered.  Thank you for your work, and for your support.

My best regards,

Thank you very much for notifying me of my page. I am very happy to be with The Circle Foundation Juried Affiliates,i am very excited.
Thank you for this wonderful opportunity, it is a privilege and an honour. My page looks wonderful.

Best regards