ho visitato il sito con la mia presentazione e sono molto molto contenta e felice di
far parte di questo bellissimo gruppo di bravissimi artisti provenienti da tutto il mondo.
Grazie ancora e complimenti!!!

Thank you very much. I am very happy to be a CFA Affiliate Artist. I consider Circle Arts to be extremely helpful well regarded art association.

Thank you so much!
I must say the presentation you made looks amazing, elegant! 🙂
And you also were incredibly rapid in doing it!
I am really proud of being now a member artist of CFA.  

Looking happily forward to the artistic future in common
and wishing you a great weekend!
Warmest regards

Thank you very much for this elegantly and professionally designed web page. I feel very proud of belonging to Circle Foundation. Thank you very much indeed.

Best regards,

Grazie, sono felice di essere entrata a far parte di Circle Foundation!
Attendo le Vostre prossime mail quando sarà pubblicato l’articolo.
Cordiali saluti,

Thanks a lot to the Circle Foundation for an opportunity of membership. This is a fantastic resource for any visual artist. Not only it gives you a brilliant and professional representation, but also a step up into the circle of great artists and like-minded people.

Thanks again for the opportunity to be part of this excellent work. The Spotlight Magazine looks amazing and all the artists that share the pages are very very interesting. It is a great opportunity to know and study all of them. Of course I have already ordered the issue no 19 and I’m looking forward to carrying it in my hands. So proud to be part of CFA.

I’m waiting for the next invitation.

Stay safe,

“When I have seen my photographs published in CFA, ordered by Myrina, I have realized the great artistic potential of my work. Now they are no longer loose and numbered photographs but a great work of art published on the CFA website. Honestly masterful.”

Many thanks for including one of my pieces in this video, and for sending me the link. I am very pleased to see my work included, and have also very much enjoyed looking at the other art included!
Best wishes

Thank you so much for your careful and professional work: My new Artist page is really beautiful! It is a great honour for me to be a CFA Affiliate Artist Thanks a lot!