Painting is the language of my perspective, feelings and thoughts, whereas color is my passion. I am inspired by the belief in and philosophy of goodness, nature, Bauhaus architecture, classical and contemporary music, art and stage arts, my family, people and history.

The ancient cultural heritage of the headscarf is varied and complex. Yet it is only a simple piece of fabric wrapped around the head of a person. The headscarf has been worn in a variety of ways since the beginning of human thought. It serves as protection, jewelry, status symbol.

I always work with available light which gives the photograph a natural pure feeling. I never use Photoshop. The “dead colors” from the Hasselblad digital back come close to my black & white photography which I still love also.

The powers of growth – as a wife and mother grow – have been the central focus in my work through observation of plants. I work mostly with oil on canvas. It is a slow drying process, which grows in layers of detail and change in a variety of colors. It becomes a fine-tuned balance of my well being as an individual to maintain life.

I’m a product of Advertising, Art & Photojournalism…. mixed and baked! I’ve spent the last 35 years working as an Artist, Freelance Advertising Photographer and Photojournalist. Rather than go to Art School; I turned to Art Directors and Photo Editors to help me hone my image making.

My message: focus on the beautiful, positive aspects of life and do things that give strength and energy. Focusing on the positive side attracts the beautiful things in your own life and your dreams come true.

My paintings are moments in the past captured on canvas. They should have dissipated into the past, but I dragged them back into the present. I do not set out to make art every day, that would be idiotic. I just set out to be happy.

My experimental photography artworks represent the inherent not yet and at the same time, they refer how we always construct our world, photographic material seen as a process matter. I am developing autonomous photographic fine art works that exist as a virtual reality in a realistic reality. A digital photographic image is generated through algorithmic genetic grammar into an autonomous work of fine art photography.

The problem of light is in its being so self-evident that we do not see it; it only becomes marked through its shadow.

When I paint I like to capture the emotions that I am feeling when I am looking at the subject matter. My work is somewhere in between fantasy and reality. I enjoy using an array of intense colors in my work.