My art is mixing realism with elements and symbols that are both making a mysterious spectrum of subliminal ideas, translated into a composition that is set in a form of a rebus. The aim is always to provoke the audience to stretch their imagination in a bid to unlock the true meaning of the story and in such a way immerse in the world of dreams and fantasies.

I believe that my journey as an artist has been akin to an archaeological dig, unearthing, scratching away until something is revealed to me. Subject matter rooted in the past, influenced by the present, driven by experimentation, sometimes taking years to complete.

My art depicts the real and the symbolic connection between animal and human and the unclear limit between our different kinds. For thousands of years, this has been a recurrent theme in art and rituals. An important drive in my art is to open the awareness and mediate this tradition of dream and reality.

I draw with paint. Initial random marks gel into clusters of rendered dilemmas, entanglements, melees of forms, that can be raw, disturbing, visceral, and universal, aimed at the collective unconscious. The finished work affords the observer an encounter with angst, and an opportunity to ponder life’s purpose.

My current body of work attempts to express ideas surrounding the feeling of isolation and loneliness. Loneliness is a common phenomenon that is crucial to humans. Even as people live increasingly closer to one another as urban density increases people have become increasingly alienated.

For me, art is a powerful expressive medium that allows the artist to go beyond things, to know the unknown, to reveal it, to bring it to light it and to surprise the observer. The artist has the task to produce culture, to observe it, to question it, to redefine it in his own way, to offer a new vision in which to mirror.

Eclectic in my interests, I am highly influenced in my art by a passion for ancient civilizations and nature. I am seeking to synthesize the tangible world with a metaphysical one. In this ‘alternative world,’ my artistic fables and abstractions take on a life and reality of their own. I consider myself to be a visual poet where my art replaces the written verse.

In my painting, I am glad to draw inspiration from the ordinary objects that we see and the familiar surroundings that we live in.

Whatever medium or subject matter I use I want the viewer to feel an emotion. My aim to create a connection to the viewer on whatever level it speaks to them. Most of my paintings have very deep meaning to me. I hope the image portrays some of those emotions.

The starting point for my paintings is almost always derived from my own fantasy. I create my own reality, my own ‘inner world’, so to speak. This is a world where one can truly find themselves. No one need hide here, and instead, you are met with a sense of freedom and understanding. I like to think that my paintings reflect life itself, a life full of jokes and satire, kitsch and kink, stories and benevolence.