By prying these paintings from their histories and juxtaposing various genres and eras of painting, my goal is to deconstruct the familiar, providing unexpected interpretations that collapse time and reconsider the re-acquisitioned imagery within the context of post modernist painting.

There is a specific moment when we believe an illusion or become seduced by something outside of ourselves. When this happens, we are not looking at something, but looking at ourselves perceiving it. By challenging traditional modes of representation and exploiting optics of value and color, I hope the viewer will call into question the generic way a painting is received.


Whenever I get to know a new country or culture, I wonder about its past. I look for people that belong to those places to share their stories with me. Invariably, each and one of these tales have some elements that are true and some invented, misinterpreted, exaggerated or distorted elements.

I started drawing very early and I think I made the best drawings of my life at the age of three. In my current works, I try to keep the same unconscious poetry of those drawings. I believe that the landscapes and characters of my paintings are born in a place where imagination is free.

My work is about intimacy and gender narratives. I photograph discarded furniture. Mostly sofas, armchairs and mattresses. They have a human quality; there’s a sense that I have disturbed an intimate moment. In the act of documenting these scenes, I have become the voyeur. The paintings are made from these photos.

This world has to be washed!

The multiple layers involved for each printing inevitably leads to small mistakes that whittle the number of finished editions to just a fraction of the starting amount. However, all the elements I experienced during the process of printing “Perfect Wife” were echoes of my own life that of trying to juggle work and the ideals of being the perfect wife.

An infinite number of worlds exist within the interstices of my mind. My imaginations inhabit those worlds.

As a sculptor, my profound awareness of the kinesthetic world has always been my most powerful muse as I celebrate the human figure through art. It is only by exploring fleeting human gestures of models’ poses that the perfect portrayals for my sculptural composition emerge.

I love using shadows, contrast, and anonymity in my compositions. My goal is to capture timeless fragments of life in my work, whether it’s the tarnish of a distressed old Cadillac or the delicate folds of a garment, they are drawn in detailed simplicity.