“I have always been interested in the human body and different forms of intimacy. It is personal and private for the individual, but at the same time, a universal experience. The desire of getting close to someone, to belong to someone, is the same across countries and cultures. With highly saturated colors, the viewers will have a chance to peek into their unconscious desire and fantasy.”

“As a youth, I became intrigued and influenced by the art of Max Ernst, Salvador Dali, Yves Tanguy, and Georges Seurat. My exposure to these artists and my own personal quest for integrating spirituality and mythology in my drawings and paintings laid the foundation and ever since I have been weaving conflict, dreams, and humor into my art along with a skewed perception of contemporary society.”

My work is inspired by my love of nature; nature that surrounds and connects me deeper to my soul’s yearning, healing, and awakening. These images touch on my personal journey of my soul’s awakening. There is a simplicity to life I yearn to be able to re-awaken in myself through my photography using primarily found natural objects. My hope is to evoke through my images a sense of recognizing the beautiful sacred dance of life and death and all that comes in between.”

“In my quest for peace in the past 25 years, I have drawn my creative nourishment from the ancient philosophical text ‘Brihadaranyaka Upanishad’ and particularly the concepts regarding three duties that each individual must perform. These duties are Datta Dayadvam Damyata meaning give, compassion and control. This is my mantra of peace and serenity in this world of unrest.”

“My art is inspired by the effects of geological processes on man- made structures sitting alone in the surrounding landscape. Its the juxtaposition of the natural environment and the deteriorating object that I find beautiful. The language of my art reflects this idea using a combination of bold, organizational marks within a more random, even messy composition.”

“Art is an adventure into an unknown world, which can be explored only by those willing to take risks.”

– Mark Rothko

“My work deals with man, with all their facets, the existential question, the mystery of the human being. The strongest driving force for my work is the blatant discrepancy between my wishful thinking of a desirable world in harmony, beauty, and innocence and the often found reality in the form of violence, alienation, and abuse. Inspired by myths, fairy tales as well as ideological or “pseudo-religious” ideas, this creates visual languages of indirect meaning.”

“These portraits are part of a series that I have been working on since 2009. They are a form of tribute to French painter Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres’ sketch work… with a twist, a twist I’m afraid the painter may have most likely strongly disapproved. As for most of my work, this endeavor has become a journey into my own shadow, a world where numerous simmering characters await for the light. Every new creation is the strange discovery of a piece that already exists. I don’t create these beings but reveal them and every new apparition transforms me.”

“My name is Haimeng Cao, a Chinese concept artist and visual development artist who works in Los Angeles. As an alumnus of ArtCenter College of Design, one of the top industrial design schools in the USA, I have worked for clients include Blizzard Entertainment, Framestore, NetEase, Titmouse, etc. My expertise of science-fictional city landscape design is serving for major projects in game, animation and film industries.”

According to Webster’s 20th Century Unabridged Dictionary:

• X is the 24th letter of the English Alphabet • A mark shaped like X is used to represent the signature of a person who cannot write • To indicate a particular point on a map, diagram, etc. • As a symbol for a kiss in letters, etc. • A person or thing unknown or unrevealed • The Roman numeral 10 • Christ: used also in combination as in Xmas • In chemistry, the symbol for Xenon • In mathematics, an unknown quantity • A sign of multiplication • An abscissa