“Iron ore. The rusty red strata that run through the earth as veins of blood. For centuries, it has been smelted into usable iron. Later it was used for industrial purposes, including creating instruments of violence and war. Through heating the metal of guns and forging it, altering the material’s molecular structure, I am, in essence, setting the metal free through transforming these weapons of violence into something new.”

“To give soul and emotion to my paintings is before all that I look for. I paint with my heart, I put what I feel and beyond realism, I try to have this something that will make it more than a photo. The work of eyes and light fascinates me. The eyes reflect the soul and cannot lie. Light allows me to give dimension and strength. I work hair by hair, so that the details and the realism are crying of truth and my paintings can deliver the subjects’ messages, their emotions.”

“ I am an admirer of nature and its behavior; its colors, lights, reflections and movements. Its beauty and how it emits a sensation of peace make me a witness to a moment I want to share. I paint with mixed modern and classic compositions using different acrylic painting techniques, experimenting with colors, and acrylic mixes using gold, silver leaf to reveal the harmony and the beauty of nature.”

“Dreams are there to imagine a different world. Sometimes you just want to be on an island, away from reality. ‘If you are not afraid of your dreams, they are not big enough,’ someone said. My works emerge from within through thoughts and perceptions. In doing so, I allow myself the freedom to make it into a statement with the imagination.”


“My work is an examination of the space in between our waking minds and the subconscious. The moment in time captured in my paintings should have an ambiguous tension that leaves the viewer unsure of the outcome. Some of my subjects are beautiful, others horrible or frightening. My goal is to inspire the viewer to find the border between structure and disorder in themselves and awaken their imagination.”

“Each component has its own meaning. Sometimes audiences may not have a full understanding of the artist’s thoughts. When you make changes in the composition, audiences give new meanings to the artwork.”

“I am a daydreamer prioritizing spending time in nature to allow my mind to wander. Walking by the lake near my home, I feel connected to the unseen energy that surrounds us all regardless of species, race, gender, size or background. I absorb the colors, patterns, sounds, and textures of the lake and its surrounds going deeper into the natural world to find my place.”

“Visual reality is an ever-shifting experience. What one sees reflects our emotional state and a synthesis of light, color, movement, and space. My dimensional photographs recreate the perceptual experience, with its dynamic nature and hidden complexities. I use a single image printed on aluminum and acrylic. The resulting visual phenomenon infuses the image with a sense of dimensionality, and fluidity affected by the viewing angle and ever-changing changing light.”

“Capturing the moment of transience and preserving the beauty of the imperfect – that is the purpose of my work.”

“Dare to be Different. I hope you enjoy my image as much as I enjoyed creating it. I just let go of any fear and experiment with colors, shapes and patterns. What defines normal, anyway? Is it in the way we look or what we say? I don’t care if you think I’m a freak. I’d prefer to say, I’m eccentric, quirky, and unique in every way!”