“Uzbek Miniature Art is one of the most interesting genres in the centuries-old history of Oriental Art. Painting in miniature traces its use in poetry books where artists depicted scenes described in the books. The tradition of Miniatures in Central Asia dates back to the reign of Tamerlane (1370-1405). By the early 1700s, City Bukhara was noted as the center of Miniature painting. Miniature painting is one of the traditional fine arts of Uzbekistan which is mostly represented on paper but also on some materials such as leather, dried pumpkins, lacquer boxes, and jewelry. Owing to preserved works, historians were able to describe many of the details of life in the country happening 5-10 centuries ago. I have been engaging in miniature art, calligraphy and carving since the age of 16. Throughout years of my studies and work in this field, I learned about and analyzed works of old-time master miniaturists. As one of the leading Oriental miniaturists, I took part in restoration of ancient books of Bukhara from the 15-19 centuries, which are stored in the state museum of Bukhara.”