Thia Path

"Rothko was my great teacher, who managed to make me understand the power and power of colors and their veils. From there, all my research started, also accompanied thanks to other masters such as Klee, Frankenthaler, Calder, Picasso, Matisse..."

Abbraccio (Hug) - Acrylic, gesso, chalk pastels, oil, ink and gold leaf on canvas 100 x 130 x 4 cm

Of Argentinian origin, Thia Path studied painting and sculpture at the Escuela de Bellas Artes de Quilmes and during high school with Maestro Aldo Severi. In 1980 she enrolled at the Buenos Aires Faculty of Architecture and at the same time attended the workshop of the artist and muralist Elisa Algranati. In 1986, Paath graduated and in 1988 she won a scholarship to study sustainable architecture in Urbino. She moved to Rome in 1989 where she worked as an architect and university professor. Between 19990 and 1998, Thia studied Ceramics in Rome and England and attended painting courses with the Spanish artist Alberto Parres and the Argentine master Manuel Oliveira.

"In 2012 I settled in Piacenza and in 2016 my passion for painting and color exploded. Since April of 2001, colors have started to enter more and more into my work and I have tried to further understand Rothko's work and the power that colors have. And it is in this journey that all my experiences, travels, memories and dreams have intertwined, which I try to convey with my works.

My artworks are born on the canvas, in a moment of inspiration where my unconscious dictates the way through improvisation and emotions. My works are present in the most important international online art galleries and in various private collections in the USA, China, Chile, Sweden, England, Argentina, Emirates Arab United and Italy. I have exhibited Paris, Venice, Milan and Piacenza."

Le Gros Chat - Acrylic, oil, ink and gesso on canvas 120 x 80 x 1,7 cm
Origine 1 - Acrylic, chalk pastels and goldleaf on canvas 100 x 150 x 4 cm
Sleeping Drop - Acrylic, gesso, chalk pastels and ink on canvas 100 x 120 x 1.7 cm
Color's Birth - Acrylic, gesso, chalk pastels, sand and ink on canvas 100 x 130 x 4 cm

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