Kam Tim Lam

"My themes and inspirations come from little things, everyday life and old photos that I have taken. If I feel the photo impress upon me, I will use it for my painting idea. I will change the color tone, atmosphere and composition in order to get the ideal visual effect."

Memories Crossing By - Chinese ink painting 92 x 184 cm

Hong Kong artist,  Kam Tim Lam has worked in the fields of Graphic Design, Advertising, Design and Fashion Design. The past few years he has picked up his paintbrush and began his creative journey as a professional fine artist. Kam Tim Lam specializes in watercolor and new dimensional Chinese ink painting with a semi-realistic, modern style.

"Personally, I love heavier tones, strong color and high contrasts, and more sense of space in pictures. Some of my paintings reflect a fusion of Oriental and Western style and technique. I like experimenting with the composition in order to create a dramatic effect. I am also constantly seeking innovative ways to develop new techniques and new dimensions in my approach."

Kam Tim Lam has received international awards and prizes and has shown work in several exhibits in Hong Kong and China. He is a member of the Hong Kong Artists Association, the 彩之墨 Calligraphy and Painting Society, the Hong Kong 海濤 Color Ink Painting Club and IWS International watercolor Society Hong Kong.


Select Awards

2020 - "The 38th International Artavita Online Art Contest"  (Runner Up)

2020 - "Artist of the World Competition 2020 - Tall Sequoia Gallery" (3rd Place)

2020 - "Awesome Art Prize" (Silver Award)

2020 - "Fusion Art Prize -“Black & White” (Honorable Mention Prize)

2020 - “4th Prisma International Art Prize 2020” (Honorable Mention)


Select Exhibitions

2020 - Ink Global 500 Exhibition

2019 - Malaysia Online Juried All Medium Exhibition

2019 - 28th Tsuen Wan Arts Festival Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition

2019 - Hong Kong Haitao Ink Painting Exhibition

2019 - Choi Ink Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition

Ray Peeps out from Forest - Watercolor 39 x 54 cm
Leisurely …..Gazing - Watercolor 39 x 54 cm
冷月眏照 - Chinese ink painting 58 x 122 cm
Peace and Calm - Watercolor 54 x 78 cm

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