Tina Puckett

"I enjoy the diversity of the act of weaving, and I look forward to my next piece of Bittersweet vine for inspiration."

Cloud of Dreams - Reeds and Vines - 36 x 50 x 6 in.

Master weaver Tina Puckett is a self-taught artist who has been weaving since 1981. Her imagination and sense of color have influenced her to create contemporary sculptural art forms that are indescribably dynamic and colorful. Tina is influenced by natural materials grown locally in the northwest corner of Connecticut. Her favorite is bittersweet. The character of this vine literally dictates to her what form a basket or sculpture shall take.

In addition Tina mixes her own dyes. Her strong sense of color shows in the subtle use of dyed reeds to effect a more exquisite piece. Ultimately, a bit of “love” slips into the weaving of each piece . . . never to be retrieved. Tina's works have been exhibited at museums, art galleries, libraries and craft shows — including the Slater Mill Museum in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, and the Cheongju International Craft Biennale 2003 in Korea, where Tina won the Honorable Mention award in basketry. Her woven works have also been featured in magazines, newspapers and on television— including Yankee Travel, Prime Time Connecticut, Weekend in New England, The Country Magazines, the Pawtucket Times, The Slater Trader Newspapers, and the NBC PAX TV Sunday Morning Show. Much more detailed information in this regard is available under the Press link in this website.

Blue Daisy, Reeds, Beads and Vines - 30 x 30 x 4 in.
Encompassing Infinity - Reeds, Sea Grass and Vines - 24 x 58 x 4 in.
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Quadrilateral - Reeds and Vines - 56 x 54 x6 in.

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