Trevor Mercer

"My vision moves outside boundaries established by the rationality and empiricism underpinning science by using scientific theory and data as points of departure on my artistic journey. Within this realm, I see mankind not as an arbiter but inextricably bound up in its mysteries."

Quantum of Hope - Watercolor 29.9 x 37 cm

"I have been an artist all my life, since grade 2 when I started teaching myself how to draw, honing my talents, leading to sculpting with clay at 10 and at 14 teaching myself how to sculpt wood which started a life-long body of work that speaks to the nature of Nature which is Predator/Prey/Environment, windows on those natural systems.

I am intensely interested in how the universe came about and our interactions with our physical reality. At 18, I started reading everything on Particle Physics, Astronomy, Cosmology and by age 23 (1981) I entered the Alberta College of Art and Design, Calgary, AB majoring in Sculpture and Glass Blowing. In 1999, I got myself invited to (after talking to and then submitting a proposal to the Public Relations Dept.) the Brookhaven National Laboratories on Long Island, N.Y. where I stayed on site for 7 days and talked with Scientists in the Particle Physics Dept. and was able to talk with them on their breaks as well as. getting extensive tours of the entire facility. I was invited as well at that time to participate in the opening ceremonies of the RHIC Operations - Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider- which produces in very small spaces an approximation of the universe pieces of a second after the Big Bang.

I use Scientific theory and data as a jumping-off point to surmise visual stories concerning connections and relationships on very small scales.

In 2003 I was invited to participate in the 2003 Contemporary Arts Biennale in Florence, Italy, where I exhibited three sculptures I had shipped from Toronto, where I lived at the time. I have a standing invite to the Biennale.”

Quantum of Passion - Watercolor 29.9 x 37 cm
Hope Ascending - Mixed media 38 x 18 x 9 cm
Quantum of Understanding - Watercolor 24.5 x 32.5 cm
Exuberance Ascending - Mixed media 61 x 30 x 35 cm

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