Tricia Skoglund

"I have always considered myself a multifaceted artist. I've been very fortunate and found great joy in exploring a multitude of different art forms and different mediums. I now work exclusively with torch cut steel. I like the way that painting on metals adds a creative and unique element to my art."

Whats Sup - Acrylics, Mixed Media on torch-cut steel 24 x 30 in.

While growing up in Southern California, Tricia's youthful talent as an artist was quickly recognized by her early art teachers and by several prominent artists in the area. This early recognition made it possible for her to spend many years studying under some of the most prominent artists in and around the famous art colony of Laguna Beach, CA.

After graduating from High School with an art scholarship, Tricia accepted a position as a manager, and contributing artist, at an art gallery in Del Mar, CA. It was during this time that she took the opportunity to explore many different art forms and art mediums all while continuing her education, managing the gallery, and showing and selling her own work.

The next step in her art career took her to Salem, Oregon where she started a family and at the same time went to college to study Graphic Design. In addition, she was able to use her gallery experience to open, own and operate her very successful Arts and Design Co., which specialized in painting and designing murals in both residential and commercial properties.

Now that her family has grown, Tricia Skoglund has once again evolved and grown in a new and creative way. She is currently having fun using acrylics, pastels, torch-cut steel and all kinds of recycled metals. She loves the contrasts and energy that old metal gives to her art and how it gives each of her creations a distinctive one-of-a-kind 3-dimensional, individual look.

Discovering unrefined and rustic details in nature gives her inspiration for her work. Objects left outside to rust and corrode captivate her imagination and compel her to give new life. as a highlighted part of her work. Tricia also finds inspiration from the sea. The movement from the water, how it reflects light, and its energy are always very important parts of her work. It's that combination that helps make each of Tricia Skoglund's creations be a very unique and smoothly interwoven piece of work.

Regardless Of Where You've Been - Triptych, Acrylics, Mixed Media, on torch-cut steel 8 x 48 x 3 in.
Windows Of Fall - Acrylics, Mixed Media, on Torch-cut steel 30 x 40 in.
Foggy Day At The Beach - Acrylics, Mixed Media, on torch-cut steel 24 x 48 in.
Found Objects Below - Acrylics, Mixed Media, on torch-cut steel 30 x 40 in.

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