Trude Kjølen

“Most of my art can be quite spiritual and is inspired by emotional state.”

Midgard - Mixed media 80x60 cm  €2,600Euro

"In my younger years, I studied Fine Art in Norway and Bruce Naigls was my mentor for a long time. After a 25-year-long break, I started up again and met Jarl Goli, who became a friend and mentor. I have had the opportunity to exhibit work in Spain, Japan, USA and Italy. I have been proudly awarded the Leonardo da Vinci international prize and was named a Top 60 Masters, USA. I have received the Pegasus art prize and was listed as 50 Best Artists for Investment in 2023.”

Coffee, Abstract - Coffee and Vodka acrylic 50x70 cm €1,800
Glass - Mixed media 50x60 cm €2,600
Dream - Acrylic and salt 50x60 cm  €2,600
Illusion - Mixed media 80x60 cm  €2,600

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