“I love creating in the world of art. Each time, I search for new styles without limitations because I want to create many paintings of my own while I'm alive. To me, art is a companion and a dialogue with my soul, freely expressing in the world of painting.”

Dream Lullaby - Acrylic, Mixed Media 25 x 25 cm TWD 12,000

Tu-Tzu-Hua, born in 1984 in Taiwan, finds joy in painting as a means of self-expression. For Tu-Tzu-Hua, each blank canvas offers an opportunity to explore and convey personal colors and emotions. Every interaction with a painting presents a fresh challenge, driving the continuous quest to develop a distinctive artistic style. Painting serves as a medium for Tu-Tzu-Hua to soar freely within the realm of art, leaving behind records of experiences and capturing moments of beauty within the constraints of time.

Flower Girl 5 - Acrylic, Mixed Media 31 x 41 cm TWD 30,000
Fantasy World - Acrylic, Mixed Media 100 x 80 cm TWD 160,000
Flowers Envy - Acrylic, Mixed Media 46 x 53 cm TWD 40,000
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland - Acrylic, Mixed Media 55 x 69 cm TWD 75,000

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