Tushar Sabale

"I attempt to allow the viewer to see the essence of the subject in my paintings, while still providing imaginative interpretation. I attempt to capture stories with the emphasis on time and light wherever possible."

Dahlia Girl - Oil on board 30 x 25 cm

Tushar Sabale is an Indian-born, British artist based in London. His subjects vary from everyday objects, still life, figuratives, landscape and portraits. He does enjoy painting en plein air and mostly paints in oils.

He places his work between Impressionism and Realism with some Luminist touches.

In the past few years, Tushar has had three solo exhibitions in London which were all great successes and has been in many group exhibitions. His work is widely appreciated which has aided in securing him many commissions from art lovers as well as boosted his career.

The exhibition titled ‘Chiaroscuro’ (Italian for light and dark) that ran for two weeks mainly focused on unveiling three commissioned portraits of three important women; a Royal, Her Highness Princess Olga Romanoff, a royal biographer and ex-model, The Hon. Lady Colin Campbell and a businesswoman and the editor of Mayfair Times, Selma Day.

Tushar Sabale is a keen gardener and when he is not found in his studio, it is easy to spot him in his garden. This passion can clearly be seen to influence his artwork wherein he often paints his own produce and blooms from his garden.

He reiterates what Monet believed that "Gardening is the best way to avoid thinking about all the sad times."  It offers him a peaceful guard and is a source of inspiration for his art.

Tushar’s paintings form a part of many private collectors and corporate galleries. He is one of the few contemporary artists who has painted portraits for the Royals and the A-listers of British society. In the 2020 Covid-19 Lockdown, Tushar has started to document his life through a series of dedicated paintings on everyday topics and activities around him to demonstrate how the world kept itself busy and going during the lockdown.

Grey Heron in Kensington Gardens - Oil on board 30 x 25 cm
River Coln in Cotswold Hills - Oil on board 30 x 25 cm
Basil Propogation in Mason Jars - Oil on board 30 x 25 cm
Social Distancing Lockdown Day 52 - Oil on board 30 x 25 cm

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