Ulla Strandberg

Passionate Photographer, Ulla Strandberg uses her I-phone captures to create her digital collages. Inspired by nature, colorful moments, fun situations and unexpected surprises, her works are often stories full of symbolism.

Raven - Digital media

Swedish artist, Ulla Strandberg has explored a wide range of materials in her long creative life. She began as a jewelry designer and then found clay. After a Master's Degree, she showed her ceramic works mainly in Sweden and Denmark. Ulla then found more meaning in promoting other artists' work and for several years now, she is a well-known gallery owner and art curator working for many national and international shows and art fairs. Ulla often lectures in art and design. In 2014, she started KonstMappen, a digital display and intermediation for Swedish artist members. She is very interested in showing art worldwide. 

At the same time, Ulla began working with digital collage, a process she really enjoys and discovering new ways of expression. 

"I find the creative process very exciting. The world wide web opens up new opportunities for artists indeed. My digital art can be shown on screens, so it is not always necessary to travel. My art is for sale as prints and can be shipped worldwide."

Fragile - Digital media
Own time - Digital media
Dragonfly - Digital media
Eufori - Digital media

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