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Pharmaceutical Heritage Foundation and Rajul Shah Art Announce Collaboration

Southampton, PA | Scotch Plains, NJ |Singapore
April 2021

The Pharmaceutical Heritage Foundation and Rajul Shah Art are announcing a formal collaboration to promote Commercial Excellence and Modern Art when developing and launching innovative health care products to improve the overall quality of our global public health. This collaboration will enhance our efforts to apply the best industry practices to bring more innovative solutions to health care. Rajul Shah’s art was the inspiration behind the first Pharmaceutical Heritage Foundation’s Advisory Forum, conducted in collaboration with top global commercial experts on April 21st, 2021. It was focused on applying the best practices when launching innovative products, and delivering the message of resilience which is greatly needed now, when we are trying to recover from the major public health crisis.

This collaboration will bring a creative dimension to Pharmaceutical Heritage Programs while also leveraging the artistic interpretation of the healing process across various disease areas based on the greatest unmet needs.  It will also be a manifestation of combining our cross-discipline strengths to aid public health challenges and pave the way toward improving future global health outcomes.  

About Rajul Shah

Rajul Shah is an award-winning international visual artist whose work conceptualizes the strong connection between emotional health and physical well-being. Inspired by her travels, life abroad, and 20 years in the healthcare industry, Rajul’s art conceptualizes healing and resilience through positive energy.  The Japanese Art of Kintsugi and the Japanese concept of Ma are major influences in her work where the concepts of resilience and the positive flow of energy through space allow for a reflective and emotional interpretation of the subject matter.  The art of Kintsugi is a physical manifestation of such resilience. Traditionally applied to pottery in Japan, Rajul’s artwork is a 2D representation of this concept, initially symbolizing the recovery of the Earth after climate change, and now applied to global public health.

About Pharmaceutical Heritage Foundation
The Pharmaceutical Heritage Foundation promotes pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, and medical devices professionals dedicated to discoveries, development, and commercial excellence of medical products improving public health globally. Through education, advocacy, and guidance, the goal is to support the introduction of the latest research developments to address major health-related, unmet needs, applying our industry’s best practices developed and perfected over the decades by the top global experts. In complete compliance with universally accepted biomedical ethics, the Pharmaceutical Heritage Foundation’s mission is to empower public with the best treatment options, helping them to live longer and better lives. 

For additional information, please contact:
Anastasia S. Malicka, anastasiasmalicka@pharmaceuticalheritage.com
Rajul Shah, rajul@rajulshahart.com