Ursa Schoepper

"Nothing is as it seems at first sight, everything is in process and thus in change."

Farbsporen Colorpigment on Aludibond, Unique print 1/1 120 x 80 cm

Ursa Schoepper develops autonomous photographic fine art works that exist as a virtual realm within the scope of pragmatic reality. Her images are generated by an algorithmic grammar and are transformations of real objects into their abstract counterparts; a metamorphosis of the concrete into the conceptual. Schoepper’s artworks represent the inherent not yet. Objects become deconstructed into subjects and the emphasis is on the perpetually progressive nature of matter. According to Ernst Bloch matter is always matter-in-process, as it carries with it the constant urge to move forward toward a not-yet-transmitted form of itself.

Utilizing digital image capture and image manipulation has allowed Schoepper to approach the creative process deliberately and in a very dynamic and open-ended way. The process seizes to be primarily technical and becomes a moment of inception. Her works investigate the distinction between the corporeal, physical shape of objects and the immaterial qualities of their existence; the broadcasting frequency of natural objects versus the new qualities gained from being translated into imaginative, free, artistic forms. This for Schoepper represents the departure of the photo-making process from just visual imaging.

Schoepper has complete university studies in Natural Sciences at University of Bonn and Cultural Management with an emphasis on Visual Arts and New Media. She has developed concepts and realized various projects in the field of cultural education systems. Her artwork has been exhibited internationally and she is the recipient of notable awards including the Shakespeare in Art Award, Triennale Verona, Italy, Certificate of Excellence, Artavita Competition September, Santa Barbara, CA, the International Prize Michelangelo, Rome and was recommended for the Jury Combat Prize 2016 in the Photography category.

Farbmatrix Colorpigment on Aludibond, Unique print 1/180 x 60 cm

Farbsee 2 Colorpigment on Aludibond, Unique print 1/1 120 x 80 cm

Color Composition Series

“The series color composition makes colors appear in different rhythm as color concerts. The starting point was discovered color areas in the realistic world that have been photographed. For example flowers were photographed to bring these into a rhythmic aesthetic series, transform the photography into new classification. It is an organized and mathematically defined reality behind the appearance, an abstract being with its own life.”

Amoeben Colorpigment on Aludibond, Unique print 1/180 x 60 cm

Mysterious Creature Colorpigment on Aludibond,Unique print 1/1 80 x 60 cm

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