Ute Eiselt

"My art focuses on the relationship between humans and nature - between humans and the world that surrounds them. My photographic art develops the hidden. The play with light and shadow, sharpness and blurriness, leads to an alternation of tension and harmony. The special cut confuses the viewer."

LIFE GOES ON - Macro photography Various print sizes available

Based in South Germany, Ute Eiselt specializes in macro photography. Ute has been surrounded by art since early childhood and her photographic work is strongly influenced by her father's jewelry drawings. The richness of detail in these drawings, the effect of color and perspective fascinated her and gave her inspiration. She also found inspiration in the work of her uncle, a restorer, and art collector.

The art of Ute Eiselt can be described as a combination of figurative and abstract and some works look more like watercolor painting than macro photography. With her photographs, she explores the complexity of perception. Most of Eiselt's works are created in her immediate surroundings, many in her own garden.

Since 2013 Eiselt's works have been continuously represented in solo and group exhibitions at the national and international level. Since 2014 she has been a member of the Bund Professioneller Deutscher Künstler (BBK).

Eiselt's works have been published and exhibited in the USA, the United Kingdom, Italy, France, Spain, the Czech Republic, Ukraine, Japan and Germany. They have also been published in art catalogs and magazines in Europe and the USA.

ROT - Macro photography Various print sizes available
TEATIME - Macro photography Various print sizes available
NOSTALGIE - Macro photography Various print sizes available
FROZEN - Macro photography Various print sizes available
Desire for Fruits - Macro photograph
Row: Save Water - Macro photograph
Sleeping Duck - Macro photograph
Light and Shadow - Macro photograph
Beloved Red - Macro photograph

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