"Using a mixed technique, I try to appeal to the imagination by creating almost tangible images of the world. A great painting is not genius with a paintbrush. It's years of concentrated effort. A journey without maps, with only a faint idea where you are heading."

N° 340 - Mixed technique 150x150 cm

"Trained as a copyist at the Louvre, I was imbued with the techniques of ancient painting. I then studied at the School of Decorative Arts in Paris and the School of Fine Arts in Basel. By drawing on this training, I found my way into abstract art and developed a mixed technique based on acrylics, using silk paper as an intangible shroud that blurs contours and increases depth. My artistic constructions convey the feeling of a resilient equilibrium as I treat material, geometric forms and translucent air as abstract collage elements.

A member of the Maison des Artistes, I have been helped in the process by supportive relationships, such as art collector Jacques Hachuel (Guggenheim Foundation, New York and Royal Academy, Madrid), who gave me confidence through their orders and encouragement.

I have worked with contemporary art galleries in Paris, such as Collection Privée (Île Saint Louis) and I-Gallery.Intelligence (Quai Voltaire). I presented my work in several group exhibitions, notably, the Salons d'Automne in France (2003), China and Israel (2012), the Agora Gallery in New York (2014), the MoiKa 104 and Hermitage-Vyborg in Saint-Petersburg (2021), as well as the Salon des Artistes Français (2017, 2018) where I was awarded the Paul Paté prize. 

I currently work with Art Shaker Gallery in Saint-Tropez.”

N° 374 - Mixed technique 130x130 cm
N° 350 - Mixed technique 100x81 cm
N° 341 - Mixed technique 150x150 cm
N° 354 - Mixed technique 200x150 cm

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