Vanessa Nahoul

"My work is Surrealist Expressionist; it is inspired by the human body and its expressions of emotional, intellectual and spiritual life. It is inspired by the idea that through art one can find an answer to what being human really means."

Birth of Adam - Oil on paper 31 x 49 cm 2010

Of Lebanese origin, Vanessa Nahoul Serio is a Mexican born artist with 25 years of experience in drawing and painting. Vanessa considers art as the pause one can take from the violent and challenging world we live in, to reorganize the chaos and achieve the needed transformation into better persons.

Vanessa began her academic studies in Art, Composition, Drawing and Art Materials in Mexico City. Author of several drawing and painting series: “Insight,” “Chromatic Places,” “Emigrants of the Gaze,” “Dream Passages,” “Dreams and Reminiscences in Paradise” and “Sacred places of the Heart,”  she also has a Postgraduate Degree and a Ph.D. in Psychoanalytic Psychology which has nourished her work and her understanding of the human expression. Her work has been published in different books specialized in art, she has exhibited her work in at least 11 solo shows, and she has participated in many group shows both in Mexico and in Florence, Italy, New York, Miami, Chicago, Buenos Aires, Paris, and Las Vegas. Her work is currently exhibited in Madrid, Spain.

Vanessa has been awarded the national recognition: Pergamino de Oro al Mérito Andrés Henestrosa, for her cultural and artistic career. She gives workshops on Art and Psychoanalysis. Her work has been published in several books specialized in art, particularly in the renowned, World Wide Art Books series.  She received an Honorable Mention in the Artavita Contest, USA, 2012 and in 2015 she was awarded a Certificate of Excellence for her work from Artavita in Santa Barbara, California, USA. She has been awarded special recognition by the Lebanese Center in 2009, 2013 y 2014  for her publications and her artistic work. Vanessa Nahoul was distinguished in 2017 with the Doctorate Honoris Cause by the Claustro Doctoral Iberoamericano.

Learning to Fly - Oil on canvas 90 x 70 cm 2010
Present, Past And Future - Oil on wood 40 x 60 cm 2012
Spring in the Garden of Eden - Oil on paper 50 x 66 cm 2010
Revelations II - Oil on linen - 120 x 42 cm 2012

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