Vanessa Wenwieser

"Exploring emotions, from a female perspective, in a beautiful and dark way, showing there can be a guiding light that breaks through feelings of isolation."

Crimson wings of passion - Digital art, Fine art Giclee print 60 x 64 cm

Vanessa Wenwieser's digital compositions have been shown widely online in 2022, with Marvelous Art Gallery, London UK; Holy Art Gallery, London UK; Capital Culture House, Madrid, Spain; Florence Contemporary Gallery, Florence, Italy and at the Kuvid Gallery, Dortmund, Germany. With Holy Art Gallery, Vanessa has had a virtual solo show titled "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil," Oct. 2022. 

She has had several physical exhibitions at the Boomer Gallery, London, some at the M.A.D.S. Gallery in Milan, Italy, and at the Holy Art Gallery in London and in Athens, Greece. 

In 2023, Vanessa Wenwieser is participating in a group exhibition in Barcelona, Spain in La Pedera, Casa Mila), organized by the M.A.D.S. Gallery (which is the building created by the famous architect: Antoni Gaudi) from Dec. 2022 into January 2023. Another group show she is very honoured to have been chosen for, by the special guest juror Marco Mazzoni, is "Surreal Salon 15" at Baton Rouge Gallery - Center of Contemporary Art in Louisiana, U.S.A., January 2023. In the summer of 2023, Vanessa will be exhibiting for the first time in New York on Broadway Plaza, located above Times Square. It's a special new project showing on digital screens every 3 minutes from 6am - 2am - Thursday 22nd June on pedestrian plazas. 

Her artworks have been included in several books, firstly by the Marvelous Art Gallery and three of her pieces were featured in Sinead McGuigan's collection of poems called "Unbound", published in Oct. 2022. Finally, in Dec. 2022 year she has also featured in Marvelous Art book of 'Top artists to watch in 2022/2023'.

Vanessa Wenwieser's work has been extensively published in magazines, Aesthetica Magazine, The Flux Review, The Circle Quarterly Art Review, Marvelous Art Gallery Magazine, 365 art plus and the Goddess Magazine. She has also received four art prizes: Three from the U.S.-based platform Artrepreneur's open calls and one from Capital Culture House, Madrid, Spain.


Other Select Exhibits

Holy Art Gallery, ‘Art on Loop’ work shown on digital screen in 30th Jul - 1st Aug,  Paris, France.

Holy Art Gallery, ‘Art on Loop’ work shown on digital screen in 25th - 27th July, Brussels, Belgium.

Holy Art Gallery, ‘Art on Loop’ work shown on digital screen in 20th - 22nd July, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Broadway Plaza, Times Square, New York, USA 22nd June  Digital screen shown art every 3 minutes from 6am - 2am

Holy Art Fair, Oxo Tower, London, UK, 30th Mar - 2nd Apr Organised by the Holy Art Gallery,  virtual exhibition, image on digital screen

Asian Art Museum of San Fransisco, USA.  Recipient of Prize for Women. Life. Freedom, for the women of Iran.  26th - 28th Jan.

The wolf waits - Digital art, Fine art Giclee print 64 x 60 cm
When the promised flower blooms - Digital art, Fine art Giclee print 60 x 64 cm
Love never dies - Digital art, Fine art Giclee print 60 x 64 cm
Fear is like a forest - Digital art, Fine art Giclee print 84 x 60 cm

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