Veronica Leiton

"My proposal is an attempt to capture the Invisible Worlds that are connecting, expanding, evolving & communicating with each other: from the cellular world (Micros) to the Earth and other worlds (Macros).For me, Unit and Variety are the Cornerstones of Universal Harmony and Artistic Expression."

Forest´s Alquemy, 2018 - Oil on canvas 100 x 100 cm 5,300€

"I believe in the Music of the Universe; its melody and silence; in opposing systems like cold and heat, light and shadow, straight line and curve. I believe in the complementary colors' interplay inside of different worlds and its different pallets. It is an endless counterpoint that contains unit & variety which coexists with heterogeneous elements.

My artistic research needs daily work with discipline to achieve a careful craftsmanship in painting. That is why I experiment, investigate a topic and fit a form or color on the canvas until I feel it deep, like the beat of my heart."

Veronica Leiton, born in Santiago, Chile in 1964, has lived in Juarez City, Mexico for 25 years. She has 75 solo exhibits and 80 collective show participations in Mexico, Chile, United States, Cuba, France, Austria, Luxembourg, Greece, Germany, and Switzerland. She created a four-meter sculpture in bronze called “Flor de Arena” (Sand Flower) and has published 4 catalogs/books about her artwork. Veronica  appeared in one of the most important Auction Houses in Latin America, Louise C. Morton in Mexico City and won more than a dozen of national and international awards. Below, her most important exhibitions.

Permanent Exhibition in Arte XXI Gallery. Mexico City. ('09 until now)

Part of the 10 finalists in the conquest Platform Artist of the Year by Red Wood Media Group and Art Brand Studio, she won the possibility to exhibit at Art Expo San Diego (Nov '16), Spectrum Miami (Nov '16); Art Expo NYC in April & Art Santa Fe in July '17.

Inner – Outer Worlds, Solo Exhibition at Arte XXI Gallery, 30 years of Professional Career in Mexico City. '14

Latin American Art, Carrousel Gallery at the Louvre Museum. Paris, France. '13

Latin Bohemian Night. Kind Foundation – Family Umwelt at Vienna, Austria. '10

Chromatic Metaphors. Echo Museé Gallery, Paris, Francia. '10

Fine Arts of Veronica Leiton. River-House Arts Gallery. Perrysburg, Ohio. '10

Biennale Rendez-vous des Arts. Athens, Greece. '08

Primordial Field, 2014 120 x 80 cm 5,080€
Bird´s Doorstep, 2017 100 x 80 cm 5,110€
Delirium Sea, 2017 120 x 80 cm 5,080€
Fire´s Wisper, 2019 80 x 60 cm 2,540€

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