Vincent Messelier

The massive internal power of a human being - Acrylic on wood 122 x 53 cm

Belgian artist, Vincent Messelier was born in Kortrijk in 1967. Completely self-taught he is a passionate artist and since 2011 he has had a professional career actively exhibiting around the work in cities including New York, Paris, Dubai, Barcelona, Rio de Janeiro, Venice, Firenze, Rome, Milan, Naples, Las Vegas and many others.

Messelier has developed a personal and unique style which he calls "meridianism." He works with palette knives and the viewer can always recognize vertical and horizontal stripes as well as lines that are corrections of the chaos he sometimes puts on the canvas. These are referring to the meridians of the globe. Acrylic is his medium.

Messelier's practice also includes photography; a unique blending of pictures by projecting on a first layer of paint. He works on commission in a variety of themes.

Vincent Messelier has won several awards worldwide (+90) and is mentioned in more than 40 museum books for collectors and as well as art magazines. Since 2018 he has been a gallery owner, Check on the artist's website for more information.

Brainwashed covid-19 - Acrylic on canvas 25 x 25 cm
NY, The never sleeping City 3D - Digital media Limited Edition print 61 x 90 cm
There is no chaos without order - Acrylic on unstretched canvas 3.20 x 1.90 cm
The sun is breaking thru - Mixed media with acrylic 160 x 160 cm

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