"Of the different art techniques that I enjoy using, currently I am presenting my drawings in ink. In these works, I explore the beauty of a simple line. At a first glance, the subjects of my drawings are the most ordinary things, but on a closer look, many more layers of meaning become visible!"

Gown I - Ink on handmade paper 55 x 65 cm

Born in Kaunas, Lithuania, Violeta graduated from the College of Decorative Arts in Kaunas, and the Academy of Fine Arts in Vilnius, Lithuania. Since 1986 she has taken part in over sixty exhibitions in Eastern end Western Europe and was a member of the former International Guild of Leather Artists. Her works have been added to the collection of the Čiurlionis Museum of Art in Kaunas and private collections all over the world. Violeta now lives and works in Franeker, The Netherlands.

My work consists of three distinct styles, each with their own material and technique. When using leather my works are decorative, more abstract, and sober in colour.  In my paintings, I deal with the human figure, both in portraits and scenes of daily life. Currently, however, my focus is on drawing. In these drawings, I am not trying to convey meaning but to evoke an emotion in the viewer. My focus is on the beauty of the line. While drawing, I play the line as if it were an instrument; I paint with the line. Sometimes, I supplement the drawing with painted colours, and elements of collage to make the effect of the piece stronger.

Beatle - Ink and acrylic on handmade paper 55 x 80 cm
Gown II - Ink on handmade paper 55 x 65 cm
Relativity - Ink and acrylic on handmade paper 55 x 80 cm
REX - Ink and acrylic on handmade paper 55 x 80 cm

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