Walter Gordinier

Pivot Plaza - Concrete, granite, laminated structural glass corten steel landscape design, stone, 385 ft. long + 300 ft. deep

American sculptor, Walter Gordinier was born in 1950 in El Paso, Texas and today lives in Portland. Gordinier is a Blue Chip American artist specializing in large-scale sculpture for private and public venues. He conceives, fabricates and installs proprietary, site-specific works of art for both interior and exterior placement. Walter has a highly motivated vision concerning the environment surrounding the sculpture. He designs urban plazas, healing gardens and develops the landscape theme. Walters sculptures will compliment and expand an authentic sense of presence, linking space and place to the community at large. Walters approach to pairing his sculpture with landscape architecture is expanding, inspiring and welcoming; extending a kind of open arms for viewers; to stay!

Since 1973 Walter has completed an impressive score of projects through out the United States and internationally, all from his studio in Portland Oregon. The diversity and experienced evidence of his built concepts are truly rewarding, leaving the viewers with a heart felt sense of satisfaction. His clientele are: Private Residences, Public Courtyards, Corporate Buildings, Universities, Liturgical, and Healthcare.

Collaborative thinking goes to the very root of a great concept build and resulting installation. For this Walter is quite comfortable working with his client, architects, engineers, contractors, interior designers, landscape architects, stakeholders, and community officials. Walter builds with stainless steel, corten-steel, granite, cast glass, stone, aluminum and laminated structurally dynamic glass.

Walter believes his site-specific sculptures should be contemporary, pure in form, distilled to their most essential gesture. Clean, modern well defined line, defining beautifully sited iconic sculpture.

Ceramic salt fumed boxes - various sizes
Border Crossing - Cast glass, steel, 9 ft. tall + 20 in. wide +2in.
Shift Response - Granite laminated structural glass, 25 ft. tall+4 ft. wide +10 in
Laminated structural glass, Texas - Limestone, landscape design, 35 ft. long + 12 ft. tall+ 10in.

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