Waltraud Gemein

The figures of Waltraud Gemein represent the unity of all living beings, humans, animals, or vegetables. There are only gradual differences between these three forms of being, not essential. With her works, the artist wants to reflect on the infinite levels of being.

German artist, Waltraud Gemein was born in 1951. During her studies in Göttingen she was also a private student of the painter and sculptor Henry Hinsch (1909-1979). In 2018 and 2019 she participated in exhibitions in Udine, Naples, Meta, London, Venice and Rome.

Panja is dancing 1 - Ink and pastel 90 x 60 cm
Lolita, a young lady - Ink and pastel 50 x 70 cm
Another world - Ink and pastel 90 x 60 cm
Humans and viruses - Ink and pastel 60 x 90 cm

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