Wayne Charles Roth

"I do not look at myself as a “digital artist,” I look at myself as an artist that uses the latest tools to express my vision and create art for this century. My objective is to create compelling and unique work. I want my viewers to be surprised and dazzled by what they are experiencing."

Drift 2 - Digital painting 180 x 80 x 2 in.

Wayne Charles Roth was born in Rochester New York, and now lives and works in Mountain Lakes, New Jersey. After earning his MFA from The Rochester Institute of Technology, he moved to New York City and began his career working at top design firms and agencies in the city.

He was a co-founder of Chiselvision, one of the first digital imaging firms in the United States, and deeply influenced this important medium. In the late 90’s he launched 2face a hybrid digital creative firm. 2face conceived and produced digital art, photography, and campaigns for major clients such as Adobe, Ford, Sony, Time-Warner, and Mercedes-Benz to name a few.

Over the last decade, Wayne’s digital painting and fine art have been exhibited in galleries, museums and art shows in the United States and Europe. Working against the conventional concept of painting, Wayne is creating new art for the 21st-century. His tools are computers and software rather than brushes, oil, and canvas. The artist’s perspective was deeply influenced by today's technological world. These influences are evident in his use of bold color and skewed composition. Every piece he creates is infused with raw energy and power, reflecting the world we now inhabit.

This is the “new painting” of today.

Pocket Dream - Digital painting 48 x 48 x 1 in.
Low Down 1 - Digital painting 76 x 48 x 1 in.
Immersion, 2015 - Chromogenic metallic print face mounted to acrylic 68 x 40 x 1 in.
Scream, 2018 - Mixed Media, laser cut 44 x 47 x 2
First Time - Digital painting 126 x 58 x 2 in.
Blue Falling - Digital painting 130 x 69 x 2 in.
Broken, 2017 - Chromogenic prints, face mounted to acrylic (Diptych) 36 x 36 x 1 in.
Hard Water, 2017 - LED Panel 48 x 78 x 1 in.

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