Wei Yan

"My art expression mainly circles around the philosophy of grasping and describing the wonders of the universe. I like to think its transcendent state of consciousness is magnificent. Philosophy conveys the intangible aspect of beauties with ideas and words. Abstract art expresses perfection."

Beauty in disguise - Mixed media on canvas 60 x 24 in.

“I graduated from Capital Normal University of Beijing, China and established my studio in Toronto, Canada in 1995. I am a full-time artist and art instructor. My art pieces have been collected by private collectors, embassies as well as museums. I always doing experiments during my creations.”

Untitled - Mixed media on canvas 24 x 60 in.
Reflection - Mixed media on canvas 30 x 60 in.
Eruption #3 - Mixed media on canvas 30 x 60 in.
Sun Washed - Mixed media on canvas 36 x 48 in.

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