Weronika Raczynska at “Boundless Beauty” group exhibition


Weronika Raczynska exhibits her painting at “Boundless Beauty” group exhibition at Spazio Dueunodue Gallery in Bologna, Italy. Art lovers, art collectors, art critics, journalists and fans of artists are invited to view works of art of artists mostly from Italy, as well as from Germany, Japan, Poland, Austria, France and USA among others. The focus of the exhibition is on the theory of beauty. The artists reply through their works of art on the question: is the gaze always conditioned by the viewer’s cultural constructs, knowledge of history of art and contemporary art? Weronika Raczynska exhibits “Human Shape In A Landscape” acrylic painting at “Boundless Beauty” group exhibition. Raczynska would like the viewers to feel the boundless of the landscape and at the same time she asks the question of the possibillity to see the beauty in ordinary surroundings. The exhibition lasts from 13 to 22 January 2024 at Spazio Dueunodue Gallery in Bologna, Italy. On display works of art of 33 artists from different cultural backgrounds.