Weronika Raczynska at “E-Me” group presentation in the Metaverse


Weronika Raczynska participates in ”E-Me” group presentation in Spatial, the Metaverse for artists, creators and gamers among others. ”E-Me” group presentation can be seen for 3 weeks: from 28 May to 17 June 2024 in the Metaverse and presents works of art of 28 global visual artists. You can see images of works of art placed in a visualisation of a gallery of art in Spatial in the Metaverse. In this psychedelic interior design you can see images of 3 paintings by Weronika Raczynska: ”Face” oil painting, ”The Girl” acrylic painting, and ”The Nude” alkyd & acrylic painting. All 3 paintings by Raczynska are in full colour of red and make you feel the raw energy of painting medium within a virtual world. While exploring the ”E-me” group presentation in an artificial world of the Metaverse you can still feel human emotions while looking at images of Raczynska’s paintings.