Will Kellermann

The Art of Will Kellermann. The Silkcolorpaintings© of Will Kellermann have their own identitiy. “I like to play with sparkling colours and forms and create my paintings in a professional and spontanious manner. My passion is to create a colourful magical world with emotion and mindfulness”.

Golden Moon - Silkcolor© 90 x 140 cm

Born in the Netherlands, Will Kellermann moved to Switzerland studying Art at several art academies. Will build up her career as a recognized artist with many exhibitions. After 15 years she came back to her home country and developed new techniques and a personal style with her signature Silkcolors©.

"For my paintings, I use high-quality China silk as a canvas. I am a Colorist "pur sang". My deep and rich colours are obtained bij painting layer upon layer of sparkling, transparent colours, a proces in which harmony plays a big role. It is important for me that my work can speak to the emotional life of the observer. The flamboyant Silkcolors© are unique and show light and depth in a brilliant and magical way".

Will's Silkcolors© are often touching at the brim of Symbolism telling tales of the earth, people and the mind. The paintings give a dreamlike view of ordinary things giving them color, letting them sing, making them into something special and enchanting.

Her work has been exhibited in outstanding galleries and museums in Italy, Belgium, Portugal, Russia and The Netherlands. Paintings are held by collectors in Europe, the Middle East, China and America. Many paintings are awarded prestigious, international Awards.

Children of the World - Silkcolor© 55 x 60 cm
Messages from Heaven - Silkcolor© 110 x 110 cm
Questions of life - Silkcolor© 110 x 110 cm
Lines of Mankind - Silkcolor© 110 x 110 cm

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