Personal Artist Book Contest

Win a personal artist book featuring your entire portfolio

We invite visual artists working in all fine art media, to submit their portfolio for consideration.

Through this contest, one artist will be selected to receive a personal artist book (artist monograph) featuring their portfolio, career, biography, artist's mission and statement. The book will be completely custom-made by our team of professionals who will be responsible for the design, curation, mise-en-place and organization of the artwork as well as the editing of the artist's biography, statement and mission. The book will be prefaced by CFA Director, Myrina Tunberg Georgiou, who will also provide commentary on the artwork.

This is an extraordinary opportunity to present your work in a professional way that will directly increase the value of your art.

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About the Book

This artist's monograph book will encompass the artist's biography and a retrospective of their artwork. The book will feature up to 50 of their works, complemented by an extensive biography, artist statements, and commentary. Published by CFA Press, the book will be accessible in both digital formats (on the CFA website, Issuu, and Kindle) and as a printed hardback edition. Since this is a bespoke publication, much of the book's design and content will be contingent upon the materials provided by the chosen artist.

Hard Cover Book Details
Hardcover - A4 size (21 x 29.7cm or 8.3 x 11.7 in)
Full Color
Interior pages - Glossy paper
Up to 100 pages

Digital book
Available online on Circle Arts website, the artist's website, Issuu, Kindle, Apple Books, etc.

Book Delivery Date
The book will be completed and published by April 2024.

Design & Content
The book will be in standard A4 size with a custom, minimalist layout. The ultimate design and content details will be determined by the curator and the design and editing team during the book's production phase. These decisions will be informed by the featured artist's stylistic preferences, the volume of images, and the accompanying text.  The artist will have the opportunity to review the completed book prior to its publication. While the production process will naturally entail input from the artist, it is important to note that CFA will retain final authority in making decisions concerning design and content.

The artist retains 100% copyright ownership of their art and images. The book's copyright is jointly held by the artist and CFA. The artist will receive the printable PDF and has the freedom to distribute the book as they see fit.

About this Contest

Participation Cost
: 40Euro flat fee
Contest Deadline: October 27, 2023

The winning artist will receive: 

✓An artist monograph book featuring up to 50 artworks

✓Custom cover design, up to 8 templates page-design, mise-en-place and curation of artwork

✓Literary editing of biography and statement texts, adaptation of reviews, CV

✓Preface and commentary by CFA director

✓The artist will retain the copyrights for all their artwork and images.

✓The book's copyright will be jointly owned by CFA and the artist. The cost of the hardcover copies will be determined after production between CFA and the artist. The e-book will be available to read online. The cost of the e-book and the channels of distribution will be determined and decided after production between CFA and the artist.

✓The final print-quality PDF will be provided to the artist, allowing them to distribute the book, whether for free or for sale to any channel they see fit.

It goes without saying that, as this is a wholly custom project, the design and exact content of the book will naturally evolve based on the materials provided by the artist and the collaborative decisions made by CFA designers and experts. Factors such as the volume of work, the artist's career stage, age, and their artistic goals all significantly influence the final outcome.

Please note: The selected artist is responsible for providing CFA with the necessary materials (images and text) in a timely manner to adhere to the book's production schedule.

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Join this Contest

For this contest, your are required to submit a link to your website and any other sites where we can see your work.

You will be asked to upload 1 image for visibility and transparency purposes. This will be added to our contest entries page within 3 business days.

Media Accepted: All artwork that can be depicted on the printed page. (Painting, Photography, Sculpture, Illustration, Drawing, Collage, Printmaking, Digital Art, Mixed media, Installation documentation, Performance documentation, Video Art stills)

Please note: After you submit the form you will receive a confirmation email.
If you submitted but did not receive a confirmation message, please contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

What payments do you accept? You can check out using PayPal or Card.
How many images should I upload?  For this contest, you will be asked to only upload 1 image. It can be an image of your art or your profile.
I don't have a website, I only have my images on webshops or social media. Can I submit? Yes. Any links to your art are equally ok.
My art is not posted online, can I submit? Yes. First fill out the form. When you receive a confirmation email, reply to us and send us your images in a folder, a pdf catalog, or any other format they are available.

When will the book be released? The book will be released by April.

If I am the winning artist, will I get paid or be able to sell the book? Yes. The copyrights of the published book will be shared by the artist and CFA. The artist will be handed the full, print quality pdf and they can distribute in any way they see fit. CFA has the right to sell the print book (via agreed outlets) at a cost price. Details and terms will be discussed with the selected artist during production.



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