Artist of the Month Contest and Grant

Enter your images today to compete for the CFA Artist of the Month title, a 1,000€ cash grant as well as exposure and promotion on our website. Read below for details!

Important Dates & Cost

Contest Deadline: April 24, 2020 
Participation Cost: 20€ for 1 image | 50€ for 8 images


About this Award

We invite artists from around the world to submit their images in the CFA Artist of the Month contest in ordered to be considered for one of the following prizes


1st Place Award includes 

  • CFA Artist of the Month (May 2020) 1st Place title & Certificate
  • feature on our homepage for 30 days 
  • €1,000 in cash


2nd Place Award includes

  • CFA Artist of the Month (May 2020) 2nd Place title & Certificate
  • feature on our homepage for 30 days 


3rd Place Award includes

  • CFA Artist of the Month (May 2020) 3nd Place title & Certificate
  • feature on our homepage for 30 days 


Contest Finalists includes

  • CFA Artist of the Month Finalist Certificate
  • Interview Published on our website for 6 months


Accepted Media

Painting, Photography, Sculpture, Drawing, Mixed media, Illustration, Collage, Printmaking, Ceramics, Book art, Glass Art, Fiber and Textile art, Performance documentation, Installation art, New media,  etc. All visual arts media except video/film art are accepted in this contest. 


Selection Criteria

The submitted artworks will be judged according to aesthetic, technical and creative aspects. Only images submitted in this contest will be considered for the selection of the winning artist. The final selection of the winning artists is juried by Circle Foundation's founder and creative director, Myrina Tunberg Georgiou.


Contest Entries

All submitted images remain on our website for the duration of this contest. The 8 most recent contest entries appear on our homepage.

See all contest entries here >>


Submission Guidelines

After reading all the details on this page, we invite you to prepare your images and a short biography text to submit through the form. The total of your images should not exceed 25MB or the form will not go through. If your images are larger than that, you can simply submit the form (with all work details) and then email us the images file separetely. After you succesfully submit the form you will receive a confirmation message. We will also email you if anything is missing or if we have questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you advise me which images to add to this contest? We cannot advise you which images to add to this contest as it would be unfair to other participants.

How many images can I add to this contest? You can add up to 8 images each time you complete the form.

What payments do you accept?  PayPal or Card.

How much is Euros to Dollars? This changes every day! 20Euro is about$22 Please check Euro to Dollar conversion on google for more accuracy!

What if I don't win this contest? Besides the 3 winning artists, 12 more artists will be selected as Contest Finalists to receive a Finalist Certificate as well as well as an interview on our website published for 6 months. All participating artists will receive a unique and signed Participation Certificate. A great advantage of submitting your work is that we see it, we get to know it and then we can keep you in mind for a project we feel is fit for your work.

Through this contest, which ends late April, the selected artists will receive Artist of the Month May 2020 award and their work will be featured on our homepage for the month of May 2020. 


More Questions!?

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