Win participation at New York group show

Join our contest to compete for inclusion in group exhibit at top New York gallery


Fine artists worldwide working any 2D or 3D media in are invited to submit artwork.

Through this contest, we will select up to 4 works or up to 3 artists to be included, at no additional cost, in the group show “New York I Love You”  taking place this October 9 -15, 2024 at one of the most prominent New York art galleries. The exhibition is organized  by AGI Fine Art and hosted at the gorgeous Agora Gallery Chelsea (530 West 25th St New York NY). The selected artist(s) will enjoy a full package service.

About the Show

Where is it? Agora Gallery, 530 West 25th St New York NY

When is it? October 9 - 15, 2024

What is it? A group show, titled "New York I Love You" by AGI Fine Art @ Agora Gallery

AGI Fine Art, a key service under the esteemed Agora Gallery brand, leverages decades of experience to support artists in showcasing their work at leading art events. Founded in 1984 by visionary artist Miki Stiles, Agora Gallery has grown into a highly influential and pioneering institution. Known for its exceptional space and prime location in Chelsea NY, exhibiting at Agora is a significant milestone for any artist, providing unparalleled exposure and recognition. Agora Gallery’s commitment to showcasing diverse and talented artists from around the world has solidified its status as an esteemed platform in the contemporary art scene. Agora's professional team ensures a seamless experience, guiding artists through every stage of their exhibition journey.

This group show will feature the work of several international artists and will take place in early October, one of the most vibrant seasons for art in the city. The exhibition has an open theme, inviting artists to submit artwork on any subject, in any medium that can be displayed on the wall or as a free-standing piece.

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About this Contest

Contest Participation Fee: 20€ per image entry
Contest Deadline: July 31, 2023

Through this contest, we will select up to 4 artworks or up to 3 artists for the following: 

✓ Participation in the group exhibition at no additional cost
✓ Professional exhibition coordination, including packing/unpacking of your art, hanging/installation, quality lighting, wall tags, price list.
✓ Online promotion, including listings, digital catalog, social media and more
✓ Insurance when the works are at the venue, for the duration of the show

Full AGI Artist package includes:

  • ARTIST PROFILE: AGI's professional writers will optimize your artist statement for promotional purposes, and a press release will be written for the collective exhibition to generate interest and engage AGI's audience.
  • PR LISTING: AGI's experienced PR team will work to extensively promote you by reaching out to relevant organizations, publications, and online platforms to maximize exposure for you, your artwork, and your exhibition with AGI Fine Art.
  • ONLINE PROMOTION: Your artwork will be promoted on their website(s).
  • SOCIAL MEDIA: With a very active presence on social media, AGI will promote our selected artworks on their accounts that have thousands of followers.
  • MAILING LIST: Invitations to the exhibition will be emailed to AGI mailing lists of collectors and art lovers.
  • PR ANNOUNCEMENTS: Your exhibition will be announced on AGI/Agora websites and on other art related sites.
  • OPENING RECEPTION: Receptions are a great opportunity to build your network in the New York art world.
  • RECEPTION PHOTOS: AGI's exhibitions are usually highly attended and our professional photographer captures the events on our website.


20 Finalists will receive a Certificate and 20% discount valid for this or other AGI shows (valid for 1 year)
50 Honorable Mentions will receive a Certificate and 20% discount valid for all Circle contests for 6 months.
All participating artists will receive a unique, named and signed, contest Participation Certificate.

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Accepted Media: Painting, sculpture, photography, digital media, 2D art, 3D art, new media, mixed media, printmaking, drawing, illustration, performance, collage, fiber art, video art etc.

Image Size: The total of your submitted images must be under 25MB or the form will not go through. The images will be used only for the purposes of this contest.

Read all details carefully and prepare your images. When ready, click below to submit your artwork.

After you successfully submit the form, you will receive a confirmation email. If you do not receive a confirmation, please email us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about the Show

Do I need to come to the show? No, it is not necessary to come to the show. We will professionally display and represent your art. Of course, being at the show increases your chances of selling and is a great opportunity to network. 

How is this show promoted? AGI promotes their events through their private list and social media to a projected audience of over 200,000 subscribers.

Is there a size limitation? Yes, your artwork cannot be over 12 ft (3,6 meters) long.

Ready to hang. The winning artworks must be shipped ready to hang. Sculptures must include all necessary installation elements (except pedestals).

If I am selected, how do I ship my work?  Artworks must arrive at the gallery, ready to hand, between September 24 - 27, 2024. To find out the shipping costs, please check with your local postal service. 

Why should I care about this show? AGI/Agora offer a seamless experience for the exhibiting artist, both at the venue and online. It is an opportunity to show your work in a high end gallery and make a valuable addition to your resume. Most importantly, this show is a great chance to introduce your work to a new audience of art lovers and potential collectors.



Questions about the Contest

What payments do you accept?  PayPal or Card.

How much is 20 Euro in USD? 20€ is about $21. (Please google Euro to Dollar conversion for exact rate)

Can you advise me which images to add to this contest? No, we cannot advise you which images to add to this contest as it would be unfair to other participants.

How many images can I add to this contest? You can add up to 10 images.

Why should I participate in this contest? This contest may be your ticket to a very important event 🙂 Also, besides the selected artist, 70 artists will be granted discounts both for CFA project but also for AGI events (group shows at Agora Gallery or international art fairs). 

What if I don't win the contest?  70 artists will be granted discounts both for CFA project but also for AGI events (group shows at Agora Gallery or international art fairs). 

If I win this contest is there another cost to exhibit? For the winning artist(s) there is no other fee involved. The artist is responsible for the shipping costs.

Commissions and New York Sales Tax. For this event, the gallery receives 30% commission on sales of artwork. Artists also keep in mind that the New York sales tax is 4%